January 8, 2011
By Elise929 BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
Elise929 BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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I have this unusual obsession with reaching perfection. I must look, act and feel perfect at all times. The crazy thing is, it is not just me, it is everyone, even you. While my definition of perfection consists of worn-out notebooks, scented candles and making A’s and B’s on my report card, another’s perfection may be making all A’s on a report card, half-full watering cans and sharpened pencils. What I am trying to say is perfections to every individual is doing or having what arms your heart and makes you feel normal or yourself for that matter. Perfection is merely your everyday goals, the little things that make you smile and make you who you have come to be. Reaching perfection means reaching a feeling of happiness from doing what you love to do and also feeling absolutely wonderful from doing it. Perfection is the key to your comfort zone, never follow what others feel or think is the best.

After much thought about what perfection was and how I could reach perfection in order to please everyone, I finally realized that the ONLY way to reach perfection is to be happy with myself and to do what I love to do by being who I am. How could obeying to and agreeing with authority or others become your perfection. It may be theirs’ but never yours. Although another’s words may become of motivation to you, molding your life to fir another’s lifestyle will not guarantee you perfection or success. The only thing it is certain of doing is making you regret your choices in the future. Be who you want to be and reach perfection easily and happily.

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