Most of my Family...

December 18, 2007
By Courtney Fiene, Delafield, WI

Most of my family has smaller lips. They get lost on our face because of their size. They aren’t plump, they aren’t long. My mother, my father, my two brothers, and I. My sister is another story. Her lips are like two large red pillows. They catch the attention of everyone. They are constantly moving and always glossy. The rest of my family’s lips would need a surplus of collagen to catch up to hers. Her lips are voluptuous rose petals to the naked eye. They more then cover the white pearls underneath, like red curtains opening and closing during a play. They smell of strawberry by day, and Carmex by night. They unbalance her face in the most flattering way. They are full and friendly, intuitive and intense, attractive and active.

Many distress over their undersized mouth. She will never have to. Actresses use needles in attempt to portray her look. She only needs a tube of lip-gloss. My family is jealous of her fortunate genes. No one can mock but only stare in awe. Some people wonder how she has such immense lips in such a minute lipped family. Only Angelina Julie can relate. The sweet soft touch of them would make the toughest melt. She needs nothing more to stand out in a crowd. Her natural born trait defines her face. Her lips are her trade-mark. Her single flaw is her mark of beauty.

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