Thinking about Life

January 5, 2011
By G1amorous BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
G1amorous BRONZE, Rhinebeck, New York
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Sitting in the sand watching the sunset and listening to the waves crashing. Just thinking about everything that has happened in the last year. A lot of it being positive and some negatives. My cousin had twins making it 5 children in her family while my other cousin lost a baby and had a hard time with it. But now she is pregnant, lets hope nothing goes wrong. I lost two pets with in a month of each other. Then I got two new pets that makes my house crazy. Had surgery but the good thing was I got to go to North Carolina for two weeks so that was fun. Seeing family I haven’t seen in many years. In the mitts of thinking I stop and look how beautiful the sky looks as the blue is fading away and orange is starting to appear. The sun sinking farther away and now its getting dark. Not knowing what else is going to happen next, hopefully everything goes smoothly.

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