Many Meanings

January 4, 2011
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Brittany McNellis
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Many Meanings
When I was little, I wanted my name to be Dorothy – after the Wizard of Oz, of course. I threw a tantrum in Target because my mom wouldn’t let me get sparkly red shoes that would take me home whenever my little heart desired. They weren’t practical. But I got over that.

When I got older, I decided my name should be Star. Writing my given name, Brittany, over and over at the top of papers bored me. And now that I know Brittany means “from Britain,” I realize my childish wish of changing my name may have suited me better. I am not from Britain. As pathetic as it is, if you gave me a map I would never even be able to find Britain. I also got over that.

Pumpkin. Another thing I answered to at one time, except this was not my choice. When my grandpa would shout across the store “PUMPKIN COME OVER HERE” I had never wished more in my life to be called Brittany. A pumpkin is a plump orange gourd with a stem on top, and I could only hope that this was not the reason my grandpa came up with this name. But again, I got over that.

As I’ve grown up and morphed into the person I am, my name has just been, well… my name. It’s what I answer to. Brittany… Britt… B… all things in which when said, I respond. Now I don’t feel the need to change my name to define me, but let the meaning of my name change as I do.
BRITTANY. Eight letters. One word. Many meanings. But it’s not Webster, or that gets to choose those meanings. I do.

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