A Book Review Of Mistaken Identity

January 4, 2011
By Kelsey Downham BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
Kelsey Downham BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
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Mistaken Identity is a book about two girls, who attended Taylor University, that were involved in a tragic accident. The authors of this book are the parents of the two girls who were involved with the wreck. They didn’t write the book for the fame and attention, but to show how god’s grace helped them through the story. This book isn’t just about Whitney and Laura getting in a terrible wreck, it is about the story of how they were involved in the wreck and were mistakenly identified at the wreck scene. I recommend this book to anyone who likes nonfiction and is into interesting stories.

On April 26, 2006 is when the accident occurred. Whitney was announced dead at the wreck scene, while the rushed Laura to the hospital. Five long weeks passed for the families, Whitney’s family thinking she was dead, while Laura’s family waited by her bedside for her to recover. Laura’s friends and family prayed for her every day and was so thankful for their daughter to be the only survivor out of the wreck. But Laura’s family soon came to find that the daughter they had been praying for and watching over for five weeks wasn’t really Laura. After taking dental test the doctors proved that who the family thought was Laura, was actually Whitney. Whitney’s family was in shock after finding out their daughter was alive and making a full recovery in the hospital. Laura’s family was divested that their daughter had been buried five weeks earlier.

This book was very interesting and suspenseful. I really enjoyed how the authors went into great detail throughout the whole story. I felt like I connected to the book. I liked how the authors didn’t just right the book for attention, but to show how God’s grace helped them through the story and they mentioned that a lot in the book. I suggest this book to anyone who likes nonfiction. I don’t think it would be appropriate for younger readers, because it could get confusing. Overall this book was great and I would read it a second time.

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