January 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

I’m afraid they’re going to come over to me. I’m sitting on the bus looking at my feet on my way home Ruth and her friends are making fun of me laughing, pointing and whispering. I’m hoping they won’t come over to me because the last time they came over to me they broke my glasses and mum got in a real pissy mood banging on about how much glasses cost and that I should know that she only gets so much money a month from the government. I never told her how my glasses really got broke I just told her they got knocked off by a ball and they broke.

I wish I was more like my mum she can stand up for herself and she’s pretty and doesn’t have to wear stupid glasses! But in other ways I’m glad I’m not mum cause she never got a proper education and lives off the dole she says she lives on her own so that would make her a single parent so she can get more benefits but she doesn’t live on her own she lives with her pillock of a boyfriend Jake it used to be just mum and me we lived in a small council flat.

Mum done it all up she bought paint from B&Q and painted the whole house. She then drew little flowers, butterflies and all different fairies on my bedroom wall and if I couldn’t get to sleep at night I’d pretend that my whole bedroom wall would come to life and I would play with the fairies and the butterflies and we’d smell all the different flowers eventually I would fall asleep and then I would wake up and mum would sneak into my bed and we would name each of the fairies and then I’d get some paper and colouring pencils and we would draw them houses and families my favourite one was Fiona the fairy we drew her a big mansion with servants and she had a husband who was the King and little prince children. It soon changed when mum met Jake she started going out with him every weekend to parties, dinners and things like that. Mum would leave me on my own at the house because she didn’t want to pay a child miner because money is tight. I would sit in the living room beside the window looking for her to come back I would put the TV on so it felt like there was people in the house when I would see mum I would run up to my bedroom and pretend I was sleeping.

One day mum bought Jake around to meet me he was just how I imagined he was tall and had a six pack he squeezed my cheeks his hands were sweaty and hot. He Suggested that we could go to pizza hut I really didn’t want to go but mum kept pinching me when I was about to say I didn’t want to go. He had his own car a ford focus it wasn’t even fancy but mum looked like she was getting into a sports car.

When we got to pizza hut we got menu’s I didn’t even look at is this was the last place I wanted to be when a waiter came around and was asking what we wanted I just looked at the menu and the first one I saw it was cheese and tomato so I picked it I wasn’t even hungry so when it came I tried a slice to be polite cause I didn’t want mum to pinch me again. The pizza tasted like rubber so I said I wasn’t hungry any more I was just sitting at the table when I noticed something a ring on mums finger I shocked and very mad I got up from the table and ran to the toilets!


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