December 19, 2010
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There are lots and lots of things that people worry about. Tragic illnesses, stressful exams, finding the “right” person. However worrying doesn’t help. You just need to think of the positive outcomes, the consequences which could theoretically be good or beneficial.

Worry doesn’t contribute to life, it takes away from life. It can be considered a thief because it robs us of our time and takes away our enjoyment. Reduces the quality of the present moment. We may look back on life and realise every moment spent worrying, was a precious moment taken away because to worry is to steal from ones self.

If you think about it you worry about something every day of your life. Whether it be that you have nothing to wear, or you’re scared to go out because you are worried of something that may happen. Worrying is an occurring activity which happens mentally in our heads. We cannot change the fact we worry but we can try and make the best of the situation.

Self-talk is simply an internal dialogue, conversations we have with ourselves. Usually, when we worry, we have conversations with ourselves about distressing things we anticipate happening. The key word here is "anticipate." The worry is about something that hasn't happened and may or may not happen. Worry is always about something imaginary. Something that doesn't yet exist. Worry, in fact, is the process of becoming distressed about the nonexistent.

People normally worry about consequences, not moments, we just have to learn to deal with our worries and conquer them.

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