when a boy gets grounded

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Well you want to know what is not fun and what is not worth it (in most cases). Well I am going to tell you how to get grounded and why not to. Also I will add some stories of being grounded.

There are many ways to get grounded. But do you know the first, most important one? Do not get on your parents nerves. If you get on your parents nerves they minas well ground you any chance they will get. So if they you do not get on their nerves they may let something little pass.

Another way is do not get bad grades. (Oh and if you happen to have bad grades don’t hide the fact that you are failing school!) I will tell you this and only once: your parents are not as stupid as they may seem. They still can find out what your grades are.

Also kids, don’t be lying to your parents, because they can easily find out that you are lying. If you do and they catch you don’t keep denying it. And if they keep catching you lying to them they may start not trusting you and want proof that you did not do it.

Now the reason you shouldn’t do any of that stuff is not just one reason is many reasons. There are a billion reasons. For one, you cannot go to your friends house. You cannot play games. You can only kiss a@#! When you do that you can only hope to get ungrounded.

Here are some stories of me getting majorly grounded for some of the stuff listed above. So get comfy because you are not done reading just yet! Well you know how in school you do kind of good on homework. But then you get hit with tests and you fail them majorly. Then your grade drops from a C+ to a D. Well I kind of had that happen a couple times. So when I get my grades I am like oh sh%$. So of course I knew I was going to be grounded. So I played games all day and forgot to get my progress report signed.

The next day when I went to school I thought to myself I am so screwed. So when the teacher asked for it I say it is not signed and he said stay after class. I was mad now because I knew I was going to be so busted. All I could think about was how grounded I was going to be and how bad I was going to get it, The right thing should have been what I should do to improve my grades, not how much trouble I will get in. I ended up being grounded for a month because of how long it took me to get my grades up. But that month was just about the worst month of my life. I did so many chores did extra credit in school.

This is one I did not mention in my story above. Well one day at school I was minding my own business on my swing and swinging. Then a kid that thought he was tough came up to me and said get off. I said, “No, I had it before you.” Of course I was in fifth grade and he was in sixth so he thought he was stronger than me. We ended up getting into a fist fight. But of course I won so I got in the most trouble. The teachers called my parents and they came, and got me. When I got home they said, “You like getting into trouble, huh!” So they took out the wooden spoon and said how do you like to be beat! Well I still ended up being grounded and had to write one thousand I will not fight. I think I learned my lesson now. But it was not over yet my parents said now write a letter to your friend (the bully) and go give it to him.

Well another event that happened to me was when I cussed out my parents. Well that made them madder then ever. They ended up taking my games and computer away. I ended cleaning the house up until it was spotless. When it was finally done I had to clean my grandmas house until it was spotless. After that I had to do my brothers chores for a month. That was no fun and I lost my allowance for a year so I decided after that it wasn’t a good idea of getting grounded.

So don’t get grounded there’s a lot of bad things that can come out of that. If you can think of one thing you can tell me. I hope this helped you out in some way or form.

The author's comments:
It tells you stories of me geting grounded.also how to not get grounded. its funny att he same time.

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