My Mom

November 8, 2007
By Cody Dyer, Slingerlands, NY

My mom last year found out that she had blood clots in the veins in her head. This is a rare disease and not many people get it the disease in their brain like my mom did. My mom was in the hospital for a day before Thanksgiving. When my dad said my mom was in the hospital I got really sad because I didn’t know what was going to happen to her. That night they released her because they thought it was a migraine. I felt happier now because I knew it wasn’t that serious. She felt so sick that she couldn’t eat anything at all on Thanksgiving. Her head was just killing her. Then my mom went back to the hospital because she couldn’t stand the pain in her head. That night they did an MRI in the hospital. Then they said that she had blood clots in her head. Since then my family and I have gone through a rough time.

During that week in the hospital I visited her a lot. After school every day I wanted to go down to the hospital and see how she was doing. I was really nervous that something bad was going to happen to my mom. My mom came home and I was very happy because I got to see her a lot. That week was, the week when I spent most of the time with my mom. I would talk to her a lot and sit on the couch with her. I hoped that the worse was over and things would return to normal.

Things started to get better with my mom. She was on medicine and seemed like she was becoming her self. This made me happy that my mom seemed like she was going to be herself again. She then went back to the doctors in April for another MRI. This is when more bad news hit the family. The doctors said that the blood clots got worse. They would have to watch her more carefully. They said the only reason that she was feeling good was because of the medication. I got really sad again because I thought she was going to be really sick again. A month later the doctor said her blood clots didn’t get any worse.

Blood clotting is when blood cells and fibrin strands (a substance in the body that changes in response of an injury) forms a clump to stop bleeding after a blood vessel has been injured. Eventually the clot will form a scab over a wounded blood vessel, making it heal. If the body did not have the ability to form blood clots, people would bleed to death after even a minor cut. Sometimes blood clots form even when a person has not been hurt. Although most blood clots tend to go away on their own with no long-term problems, there are situations in which blood clots can cause medical problems. Blood clots become dangerous when they block blood flow through an artery or vein. It stinks because my mom’s is in her vein. When a blood clot blocks blood flow to an artery or vein in the heart or brain, a heart attack or stroke may result. Blood clots can also block veins and arteries throughout the body, causing diseases that range from all different veins to a life-threatening embolism.

My mom last week got sick again. She got a kidney stone because of the medication she was on for her blood clots. When my grandma said that my mom was in the hospital I was like why. I prayed in my head that she was going to be okay. Luckily it wasn’t as serious as the clots. They are really painful though. Some people even say it was the most painful thing they ever felt in there life.

My mom just went to the hospital and the stone was 8 millimeters which is way too big to pass. Then they did surgery using a laser to break the Kidney stone in to smaller pieces. They hope now the pieces would pass.

Kidney Stones are one of the most painful disorders, and are not a product of life. Scientists have found evidence of kidney stones in a 7,000-year-old Egyptian mummy. Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders. In the year 2000, patients made 2.7 million visits to health care providers and more than 600,000 patients went to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems. Men tend to be affected more frequently than women but it wasn’t the case for my mom.

That was a really hard time for my family and I. I hope soon she will get rid of her Kidney stones and blood clots. Her blood clot is still there but she is on medicine and doing better. I wish she will return to normal soon and have nothing bothering her. I want my mom to be healthy.

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