Chocolate Chip Tradition

December 14, 2010
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For as long as I can remember, there have always been a few traditions in my family for various celebrations. From Easter brunch, to Thanksgiving lunch, to opening gifts at my grandmother’s on Christmas day; there have always been traditions for each and every holiday. My favorites, however, are the ones that revolve around Christmas. Bringing chocolate chip cookies to the Christmas feast at my grandmother’s is one of these traditions.

The first time I remember munching on chocolate chips at Christmas feast must’ve been when I was about five years old. I remember opening all of my presents under the tree while thanking all of my family for each and every gift. After unwrapping all of my gifts I watched all the other members of my extended family unwrap theirs. This seemed to drone on forever and ever to me because I was so young and impatient. After all of the gifts under the tree were unwrapped, we finally filed into the dining room where we said grace. I remember that my cousin Andy said grace that year, as he has every year since. After we bowed our heads and thanked God for everything we had, we went hog-wild on all of the food. I stockpiled a variety of food onto my plate; everything from eggs to chicken. However, the thing I loaded up most on was my mother’s chocolate chip cookies. Even back then, they were always my favorite thing to eat. In fact, pretty much everything my mother makes is one of my favorite things to eat, be it apple pie, brownies, or egg casserole. But anyways, I could simply not get enough of those chocolate chip cookies. I must’ve taken somewhere around seven cookies, and that was just my first round! I kept on coming back for more and more cookies each time I finished a plate. By the end of the Christmas feast I must’ve eaten around fifteen cookies, and I didn’t even stop because I was full. I only stopped because there were no more cookies left.

This was just one of my memories of the amazing tradition of feasting on my mother’s chocolate chip cookies. I have so many more fond memories of munching on these pieces of heaven; however, describing all of them would take till the end of time.

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