December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Bullying is something that happens every day! Bullying is something that needs to be put under control. People who are bullied have their self esteem getting lowered every day. There are people who can’t stand it anymore; they stay at home not wanting to come to school. There are three levels of bullying: mild, medium and EXTREME! There also different types of bullying: physical, verbal, and cyber are the major ones.

Mild bullying is usually verbal bullying. Kids get called names and get yelled at. I remember in third grade I asked someone to stop swearing, they started making fun of me and called me names. I went home almost in tears; I never asked them to stop again because I didn’t want to get made fun of again. Mild bullying isn’t as serious as the rest and can get stopped if someone can catch it in time. Sometimes people don’t stand up because they are afraid of getting bullied to. That’s when bullying gets worse.

Medium bullying happens when people don’t stand up to the bullies. It starts to get into the stage of physical and verbal bullying. Soon the bullied kids start missing a lot of school; people start to tell them to “get lost” or “go die.” Soon kids are pressured into making fun of them. They feel bad and hope someone will stand up besides them. They continue to the point where they just ignore everything, feeling horrible inside.
Soon the medium bullying gets worse; they tried to hide the fact that they hurt and have low self esteem. The bullies can tell its working, soon it becomes very bad.
Now comes the extreme. Bullies start to cyber bully on top of everything else. Soon they say stuff really hurtful. They start putting up ratings online to see how many people hate that person or persons. The prey is forced to go into hiding; they never come to school and are always reading the posts online. These extreme cases usually lead to death. The victim or victims self esteem is so low that they commit suicide. This most extreme thing ever. People can get bullied every day, but why do they get bullied?

Bullies start bullying because they are getting bullied, they have problems at home, they have low self esteem, and they want to make others feel bad. Bullies start to depend on bullying to make their day. They don’t realize what it can lead up to. Some bullies don’t even care when they make it really serious. They think it’s funny to make someone cry. They think it’s hilarious when the student doesn’t come to school.
When people are getting bullied they should tell a trusted friend or adult. That person can help stop it. When people get bullied we should offer support to them. The more support we give them, we can higher their self esteem. Another way to higher their self esteem is to complement them. Soon they might be able to stand up to the bully or they can have help.

In conclusion, if we were to stand up for others and not try to blend in then we might actually change everybody’s minds against the bully. Soon the bully will feel pressured into stop bullying them. Bullying is a problem and the more someone tries, the more people will have the courage to stop it!!!

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