The Surprising Sister

November 8, 2007
What would you do if your parents told you that your sister is pregnant? When I first heard that my sister was going to have a baby, I was sitting on the floor shocked and not saying anything. This all happened when my friend Gabby was at my house. We were having a great time until my sister came in the door and told my mom that she had to talk to her. So while Gabby and I were playing, my sister and my mom were talking in the white and big windowed sunroom at the table. When Gabby left my house, Ashley [my sister] came out of the sunroom with a red face and was teary eyed.
That night my mom and dad told me that we had to talk. So I thought that I was in trouble for something. So I sat on the floor and they said that my sister was pregnant. As they told me I was shocked, mad and also worried for her. I couldn’t say anything when they told me because I was so surprised with my mouth open. I kept saying to myself “why would she do something like this at this time.” I was mad at her only because she shouldn’t have done that when she was not done with college, is not married yet and she should have waited longer in order to have a kid. I was mad at her first, but now I am happy because I got to help her pick out the bedding if it was a girl and got to help pick out the clothes.
My sister Ashley is the only sister that I have and is a great one. I look up to her in so many ways even though we have our fights and even my mom had her fights with Ashley. One day my mom told me to go to my room so Ashley could talk to her. As I went upstairs I sat next to my brother’s bedroom and listened the whole time that they fought. Then my mom found out but she wasn’t mad at me. Sometimes my sister yelled at me to get out of her room because she didn’t want me to touch anything.
For my birthday Ashley gave me a card saying that you are invited to go see the ultrasound with Ashley and Rory, her boyfriend. I was so excited that she invited me to go see if it was a boy or girl with them.
On the day that she told me to go see the ultrasound with them I was ready to go. Then Ashley came in the door and said “let’s go” and off we went.
When we got there we had to wait until they called us. When they called us we went into this dark room and Ashley had to lie down on this table. The doctor put this goop on her stomach and moved the ultrasound transducer on her stomach to see the baby. The doctor put in the video Ashley and Rory brought and taped the baby so they could keep it and always have it. We could see the baby in 3d which was really cool. The baby was moving around so much but Ashley couldn’t feel anything. It looked like an alien but a cute one. It wasn’t formed yet but it was still cute. Its skin looked a little wrinkly but not like a mini grandma.
When that doctor was done, another doctor came in and found out that it was a boy and told us. Ashley, me and Rory were so excited because we have never seen something like that before. The baby’s name would be Conner Patrick King.
When we left we got in the car and Ashley and Rory called everyone that they could think of and told them that it was a boy. After they called everyone we went out to lunch at Red Robin then I went home.
So you’re probably wondering why anyone would want to know about this. Well I learned a lesson in this story don’t be mad at someone forever just move on with life and start over.
But sometimes sister or brothers get into big fights like this story but you will learn to get over them like I did. I was mad at her only for a little bit because I thought she did something wrong at the wrong time in life. Even though we are sisters we still have our fights but we love each other.

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