What A Woman

November 8, 2007
By Troy Buchanan, Altamont, NC

Have you ever wanted to know what life was like on the other side? How different it is? Well let me tell you. It is.
The tragedy began when I was about 2 years old and my big brother was probably 7 years old at the time. I can’t ask my mom what happened because she was the tragedy. This past January, my mother died of hemcromotosis. A disease that kills you. It’s a buildup of too much iron in your body and that is terrible for your liver and you need your liver to live.
I can’t really remember when she started having problems, but all I know is that it was getting bad.
My mom’s name was Melissa Ann. She was amazing. She was really cool, funny, smart, wise, pretty, everything you could possibly want. She was always willing to do anything, or she could just stay home and chill. Some of the things I liked most about her was her personality, sense of humor, and style. Melissa could make a joke about anything. Her style was like mine, really cool. She also liked rock n’ roll music, that’s what I like to listen to. Her personality was very laid back.
My Mom loved to play sports. Her favorite sports were definitely softball and volleyball. When she played volleyball she ran and organization at Altamont Elementary and me and my brother would go and watch her play. We would also make up funny names for everyone that looked weird, I miss doing that. I never really got to see her play softball because she played that when she was younger. I knew she was good though.
During the times when my mom wasn’t felling good anytime, she would just be in her room sleeping or in the hospital. At home sometimes an ambulance would come and drive her away to a new room at the hospital. When she was home, she was mostly in her room. It’s very hard not having your Mom around. When she was in the hospital, all I could hear was her restless sleeping and the beeping of the medical equipment. The room was lightly lite and I could see the present me and my brother Paul had gotten her for Christmas open. She used it.
Currently I am living my life as usual, accept it is emptier. Sometimes I talk to other kids that have dealt with the same problem I had to.
My family, mostly my Dad and my brother helped me get through a lot of it. My Aunt Tina was visiting my Mon in the hospital the night she passed away. My Mom was sleeping when my Aunt Tina was visiting. She immediately called my Dad at 3 in the morning to tell him the news. In the morning, my Dad told me the news and I was in complete shock. My face froze for a minute. I was furious, I wanted to break everything in sight. I cried for a very long time. I changed a lot from that incident. I think more about decisions. I can also relate to many songs that deal with loss. I am more thankful for stuff that I get and receive. But however bad the times got I kept going, I never let life pass on by. This is also a refection to my Mom. YOU DON’T’ KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL IT’S GONE.

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