The Move

November 8, 2007
By Danielle Wertman, Altatmont, NY

This story is about losing one of my very good friends. It was very sad because everyone has a best friend and mine left me. My best friend was Ashley we did everything together we were like sisters and we never fought about anything. I Remember every little detail about everything that we did together. But this story that I am about to tell you is the saddest one of my memories. I know it so well that it scares me.

It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping , I was on my way over to Ashley’s house. I was thinking about how summer had just started and for the next 2 months Ashley and I would be inseparable, as usual. As I was on my way up the stairs to Ashley’s room I heard Ashley talking to herself it was something about pine bush. I was like what is she talking about? I went into her room and she was playing with her cats so I sat down and played with them too. Ashley was acting very weird and quiet, like she was hiding something from me.

Which is totally weird because we told each other everything. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I decided to ask her what was going on. Right after she told me I wished that I had never asked. Once I heard those three words I was so upset. Those three horrible words just happened to be “I am moving“. It felt like a load of bricks had smashed on me.
I was to upset to say anything so I just got up and went home. I just needed some time to think, but thinking would have to come later because Ashley followed me home. She kept saying it isn’t going to be so bad and we will still see each other and we will still be friends, right? But I didn’t say one word, I just cried. After about five minutes of no talking Ashley went home. She seemed really upset. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but I was just too upset. For the next 10 minutes all these thoughts were going threw my head, who would I tell my secrets to? Who would call me very early in the morning to tell me to wake up and get ready? Who would just sit in the middle of the road with me and just talk? Who would lay in the grass and look at the clouds with me?

But the one thought that made me so sad and scared was who would be my best friend, the one that I did everything with? This was to much to take in and I didn’t want to take any of it in, but I knew that I had to. I mean ever since we were born we did everything together and I was just supposed to throw that all away? I didn’t think so. I didn’t talk to Ashley for the rest of the day but the next day I knew that I had to do something about it.

The next day before I went over to Ashley’s house, I saw Ashley and her Dad were washing their car when I saw that I had a flash back, when Ashley and I were about 6 my Dad asked us to help him wash the car and we said we would help but only if we could do it in our bathing suits. He said yes so we quickly threw on our suits. Ashley and I barley helped with the car we were having a water and bubbles fight! It was so much fun! Then my Dad got us both with the hose, then Ashley and I threw a soapy bucket of water on him! It was so much fun!

After that little flash back I went over to Ashley’s house. I talked with her for about an hour about her moving. After our chat was over we both felt a little better. We only had 1 month left so we decided to make the best of it. And we did. I knew that Ashley and I would still be friends but we just wouldn’t see each other everyday.

That was something that I was going to miss. As much as we didn’t want that day to come it came very fast. Like driving 200 mph fast. Ashley and I were in her room for the last time. We were talking about some of our favorite memories that we had together. One that I mentioned was one day Ashley and I had gotten into huge trouble and we couldn’t play with each other for the day, so when our families were all asleep we both snuck out of our houses to talk with each other and we were up the whole night just talking to each other through the fence that separated our backyards. That night was very fun.

After we told each other our memories, we went outside and sat on the edge of the moving van and promised each other that we would call and write each other. Then we gave each other friendship bracelets and it was time for her to go. Ashley and I gave each other bear hugs and we both started to cry. We were both very upset and we were both going to miss each other. As I watched Ashley drive away I realized that I was never going to get my friend back. All the time that had past I kept thinking that it was all a dream until that awful day I was realized that it was reality.

I wished that she had never moved but she will always be my friend and she will always be in my heart. Eventually I made more friends, some are even my best friends. But this experience was hard for me and I know now that you can have more than one best friend. But I needed Ashley to move away for me to realize that. So I guess that Ashley moving away wasn’t all that bad, she kind of helped me in a sad way. She will always be my friend.

I went threw a change of not having a best friend which sometimes is hard. We all need some one to be there for them. We all need some type of a base and mine was Ashley but one day that base broke. But now I have little pieces that make up my base and there is still one piece where Ashley is still standing.

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