Desperate Letters To Santa

December 13, 2010
By CJ_artist BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
CJ_artist BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Dear Santa,

All I really want is a relationship with a guy with a mutual love. I want to love someone who loves me, and will think of me beautiful after I fall flat on my face. I want someone I’ll want to hold when I’m scared, and will want to hold me back. I want a mutual love that isn’t based upon fancy dinners, though they are nice, one that can have us both be sublimely happy simply sitting at a lake and staring at the moon. I just want someone who can make me smile when I’m ready to kill myself, and will always laugh at my jokes, even the ones he doesn’t get.
I want someone I can’t wait to see, and can’t wait to see me. I want every kiss to be like our first kiss. I want to feel that magical joy and warmth every time our hands touch, every embrace to be filled with passion and unending love. I want to look into his eyes and see only me staring back at him, everything in our lives perfect just because we have each other. I want to look at myself in the mirror and see myself just as I am, perfectly happy, because he is standing next to me.
I want someone who will surprise me every day, even if it’s in the simplest way. I want someone who will think I’m beautiful when I wake up, and will say my hair looks beautiful, even though it’s a giant mess. I want someone I’ll want to surprise every day, and will think about every waking minute and dream about every night. I want to want to doodle his name over every piece of paper I use. I want to see his face every where I look, and him to see mine.
I want someone who’ll tell me he loves me, everyday, and actually mean it.
All I want for Christmas is my one.

The Loveless

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