Behind Every Girl

December 13, 2010
By AyeBoo BRONZE, Shalimar, Florida
AyeBoo BRONZE, Shalimar, Florida
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"The Biggest Mistake Anyone Can Make Is To Drift Apart From Someone, Who You Once Had The Time Of Your Life With"

Behind ever girl that doesn’t believe in love. There’s a guy that broke her heart, beat her, and abused her, Made her feel like she was nothing, treated her like she was a no body. Behind every girl that doesn’t trust, is a guy that made her feel neglected and forgotten. Who taught her to guard her heart, so that it doesn’t break, but every now and then there is one guy out of a million that walk into her life and change her past notions and perceptions. They make her feel like princess, make her feel like she’s his world, and lets her know that he loves her every chance he gets because unlike the guys that broke her, he realizes what a prize she is. He understands that not only is her heart fragile, but that he’d never want to ruin that and love her. A guy like that is hard to find. Girls think about the day when their “prince charming” will walk in and sweep them off their feet.
I guess for me, I don’t believe I’ll ever get a chance to love like that. I don’t believe anyone will love me to the point of treating me “like a princess.” Hopeless feelings overcome my emotions. I also find it hard to believe any guy will be lucky enough to realize that what they have is amazing. Well most times it’s amazing. For those times; the guys think nothing of it. They come to find that after she’s gone, they were stupid, and made a mistake. After she packs and leaves is when they finally miss her and everything gets put into perspective. A man should miss her every time he’s away from her. They don’t always have to let her know that, but emotions and actions speak louder than words. By kissing her and hugging her and making her feel wanted, showing appreciation. Make her feel that even in a split moment she’s all that’s on your mind. All you want, all you need is her. If you really don’t want to lose her, you should let her know that through your touch and words.
Small gestures like holding her hand, or kissing her on the cheek. Teasing her in a good way and telling her that you love her. Your love isn’t shown through presents and monetary value but through the sentimental gestures you make. True love happens when your material items are few, when you have nothing but yourself to give to the other person. It has nothing to do with the fact that he or she is pretty. That they have a “nice package,” or if they have some incredible talent. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of that. Love has something you rarely find and if you think you’ve found it, make sure you hold onto it. I’d hate to see it go to waste because you weren’t aware of your own feelings or the other persons worth. Love is precious, cherish what you have.

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