Meeting My Best Friend Again

November 8, 2007
When I saw her face, I knew it was her. The girl I hung out with on past April breaks, the girl who would spy on hot guys on the beach with me, the girl who plays volleyball in the pool with other kids she doesn’t even know, my best friend Rachel.

The first time I met Rachel, I was in the pool at the Vistana Beach Club on Hutchinson Island in Florida. She was swimming around with about seven other girls from all over America, one was even from Europe. It was one of my favorite times of my life when she called me over, wanting to know if I wanted to play spud in the pool. Spud is a game you play normally not in a pool. I was in the fourth grade so that seemed fun. Anything beat swimming with no one, but my brother J.T. Of course, he met friends that day too, but he didn’t meet a best friend, like I did.

Rachel is truly a friend even if she just met you no matter what, you like her. When ever she met someone in the pool she would act like their best friend because they like her so much. One time we met three people in one day and now we all talk to each other online. Rachel is so much fun to be with because she’s never boring; she’s funny, nice, fun and so much more. She can even get a perfect tan in one week, how unfair is that?

One night while I was playing volleyball in the pool with one of the Rachel’s seven friends, Stef, who is now kind of one of my friends, and my brother, J.T. and Stef’s brother, Chris, Stef told me that Rachel was supposed to be coming to the Vistana late that night. I was glad Rachel was coming, knowing I hadn’t seen her in nearly 2 years. Stef lives in Buffalo. Rachel, Stef and I were the only three from New York, out of the large group of girls that one year.

The next day, when I met her again, I didn’t say anything just in case it wasn’t her, but it was. Rachel is a year older than me, but that doesn’t matter. My brother and I were tossing the volleyball back and forth, and she walked by the side of the pool and dropped her stuff off by her Mom. She put on goggles and dove in the pool. It was a hot day, and it was great to be in the pool, even though it was heated, but at least it was cool when you got out. I didn’t know for sure it was her in the pool, but I thought it was. Anyway, she watched my brother and I toss the colorful blow up ball. After a while, she asked if she could play. My brother and I said, “Sure.” We tossed the ball. I asked her what her name was, she said her name is Rachel.

She said I looked really familiar. My brother, J.T., and I looked at each other. I stared at him and he stared back. I said that my name is Jen and that I thought it was her in the pool. We talked forever. After a whole week of rebuilding our friendship and playing games, like chess on the big chess board. The pieces were huge, the chess game was fun, but it took a long time because each move we made took at least 2-5 minutes moving the piece. We knew that we would probably build it over again on the next April break we meet again. Each April break is only a week long. Rebuilding a friendship isn’t hard only if the person changes, but we promised each other that we wouldn’t and that we will remember more of this trip, than any other trip before.

The night at Jammin’ Jensen (a party with stores on the beach) we dressed up together, put on make up and partied in our rooms. Jammin’ Jensen is an event that goes on every Thursday nht in April, May, and June. It’s where you eat dinner out on the ocean and party on the streets with your friends and other families. When we got back from Jammin’ Jensen, we had so much fun in the pool. We had a late night swim (with a whole bunch of other kids). We got in the hot tub and stayed in for 10 minutes then we jumped in the pool and froze ourselves. We also had volleyball tournaments with teams of about four. Everything is so much fun at the Vistana. I love it there, and especially when Rachel is there too. One thing that we’re good for is having fun and being ourselves, crazy and fun.

The next time I see her I’m predicting it will be even better, in every single way. I wish Rachel and I lived closer and could see each other more often. Whenever I am with Rachel I have a good time. Whether its watching American Idol on a huge flat panel television or painting a birdhouse in the activity center, it’s always fun especially sneaking free ice cream sundaes from Berry, the activity guy. Sometimes Rachel and I go and sneak in the pool, or we hang out in the big cabana over the ocean. No matter what I do I have fun, there’s so much to do, but there’s so little time. I love it there but mostly because that’s the only ever place I get to see my best friend.

Maybe in a few years I’ll go and visit her in Syracuse, but for now, the Vistana Beach Club will do. It’s the place that brings back the memories, games, and fun times with Rachel.

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