What will you choose to be?

December 13, 2010
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Popularity, or being smart? I’m sure that most people currently in school would choose popularity, but have they really thought about what that will do for them in the future? I would bet they haven’t. If what the advantages and disadvantages were said then people would most likely choose being smart, because what is popularity going to do for you when you’re out of school? The way I see it is there’s a difference in having a lot of friends and trying to act cool for everyone. What kind of job are those people going to have? I can’t think of anyone that would care if you were cool in school once upon a time. That would probably mean that these people who think they’re popular now aren’t going to look so good when they are on the street trying to collect money to get through the day. You can still be smart and have tons of friends, it happens all the time. Of course though, you have those kids who laugh when they get an F on a test or make jokes about
Stuff like that. I actually feel sorry for them. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I think that the most obvious choice would be choosing to be smart and try your best on tests.

What could make people even think for a second that being popular is better than being smart? Maybe it’s a problem at home but that is a personal issue because sometimes what happens to kids at home can reflect how they act in school towards other people which makes sense. They have to act tough for other people just so they can boost their self esteem. If they chose to be smart though, they could have so much of a better life as an adult.

I can see how some people wouldn’t agree with me they would probably say that being popular would be better because you have to protect your reputation. Who cares what other people think about you though? The way
I see it is no one knows you better than yourself. So
Choose smart. It can and will affect your future.

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