Italian Pride

November 8, 2007
By Sal Commisso, Albany, NY

I was waiting at the air port with my family, waiting for my cousins to arrive.
It all started like this:
This past summer my cousins from Italy came to Albany to visit. I never had met them before so it was a good experience. My cousins were coming here for my grandma’s 50th anniversary party.
So I was waiting at the airport for my cousins to arrive. My cousins from South Carolina were here visiting at the time. So I got to have two of my cousins come. We were all waiting for my cousins to come, Josh, Nicholas, Danielle, Aunt Angie, and Uncle Mark, (my cousins from South Carolina), my grandparents, my Mom, my Dad, Maria, Rosie, Christina, (my sisters) and I. We were there waiting for my cousins (Natilina and Domenico) to come. It took hours. We went really early because my grandma was so excited. So we sat there waiting and watching my grandma waving at random strangers thinking it was them. After hours of waiting they finally got them and it was a hugging fiesta. Everyone was hugging each other and looking at new faces. That night when we got to my grandma’ she had made Natilina and Domenico pasta with sauce because they had not had a real meal in 7 hours on their flight. It was late at night so we could not stay long at my grandma’s. We were talking for hours although I could barley understand what they saying. We were talking so long we didn’t even realize the time. We ended up not going home until 2:00 in the morning. The next day was the best day of the whole summer.
This day my whole family went to my grandma’s house and we had a big lunch. We had pasta, beans, chicken parmesan and steak. It was one of the best meals I had ever had. During the lunch we talked a lot. I got to know Natilina and Domenico a little better because my dad was telling me what they were saying. As it turned out Domenico loves soccer just like me. So he taught me some soccer moves. He taught me how to do the rainbow. It’s a trick where you flip the ball from the back of your feet over your head and onto the front of your feet. After we were done doing that everyone went swimming.
Swimming was really fun because my grandma has a basketball hoop in it. We all played basketball and it was really fun. We went swimming for almost the rest of the day. That was really funny.
Then at about 8:00 at night we watched the movie “When a Stranger Calls”.
It was really fun because everyone was screaming even thought the movie wasn’t even scary. The movie was really cheesy. The day with them was really awesome. It was one of the best days of the summer.
This summer I did a lot of things. I hung out with friends a lot in the beginning of the summer. Then my cousins came. I was always with them the whole time they were here. What I learned was that it can be more fun to hang out with your family than it is with your friends. You might always think, oh my family is so boring I’m going to hang out with my friends. Well don’t say that until you hang with your family. After my cousins came this summer I hang out with my family a lot more, because most of the time your family can be pretty fun. So as a result of my story, you should always hang out with your family. I’m not saying that you can’t hang out with your friends I’m just saying don’t never hang out with your family. Just do it every once and a while. Well this summer was the best I’ve had my whole life. It was all because of my cousins. They taught me a big lesson, the fun way too. This summer was great because I got to know my cousins.

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