Left Behind

November 7, 2007
My uncle Don is like one of the kids. He is playful for example he plays football, baseball, and basketball. We also go on the trampoline together and wrestle. We don’t stop until we have a winner. We don’t really punch kick nor do anything that we can get hurt we just pretend. Like if he chokes slams me then I would pretend to get hurt even though I didn’t.
We also play catch with the baseball, and sometimes we go to the park and play baseball with my friends and his friends.
Another thing me and my uncle like to do is play NASCAR on his Xbox 360. We have a favorite driver his is Jeff Gordon and mine is Jimmie Johnson. He has all sorts of NASCAR games. The one we really like is NASCAR 06. He wins a lot but sometimes I upset him. But he is a veteran at that game and I’m a rookie.
The most fun I have with him is spending time with him like going to Tawasentha Park. We go to the pool and relax we swim and play basketball we pass the football around and pass the baseball around. We also go on the swing set and play hide in seek.
Uncle Don knows a lot about me. He says that when I look to the right with my eyes he knows I’m lying. It’s true. He knows a lot about everything.
When I’m with my Uncle Don I am comfortable and the reason why is because he isn’t rude or anything and he understands what I say. We have conversations and he takes me seriously. He doesn’t just nod his head like most adults do he really listens. He makes me laugh all the time.
Then late last fall Uncle Don found a new girlfriend. He was divorced and he must have been kind of lonely. He met Julie online and he really fell for her. He saw her picture on Myspace and they talked on the phone and online almost everyday. They never met in person but they got to know each other and they had a lot in common. He must have really loved her because he decided to move so that he would be closer to her. Julie lived in western Canada and it was really far away.
Uncle Don must have really loved Julie. He told me about it the week before he was leaving. I was really upset and mad at him. I was happy for him because he was lonely and now he had a girlfriend but I new that I couldn’t spend time with him like I did before. I knew I would really miss him.
So the night before he left, my mom, my grandma, and my cousin and I went to visit him. I said goodbye and I hugged him. He told me he would visit and we would stay close. I felt horrible. I thought he would move to Canada and I would never get to see him. My eyes were full of tears but I wouldn’t let myself cry.
He has been gone for 3 months now since summer. Some things have changed between us like we cant’ play together. But we still spend time together by talking on the phone and online. And I got good news! I’m going to visit him in May for his wedding in western Canada!

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