Cats of my Past

November 7, 2007
By Adam Janover, Schenectady, NY

I was excited because I got a new cat. Her name is Sweet Pea. She was a 2-week old cat who was
Orange. She looked really cute. I was in 2nd grade. My Mom and Dad were trying to
Keep me and my little sister away from Sweet Pea so we didn’t scare her.
Sweet Pea has grown a lot. She liked bran muffins and nested on top of my Dad’s
Computer monitor. She used to leap from the stairs to a ledge across from the stairs and
Then back a lot. Sweet Pea died last night. She was only 2 years old! We took her to the vet’s across from 20 mall. When she was a kitten, she had this injection and had to get it again and she had a bad reaction and died in the animal hospital.
My Dad said he spent over $1000 trying to save her life. I was watching comedy central all morning to try to stop crying. I was excited because I got another cat. His name was Otis. Well, we went to see a cat named Nightingale but she got adopted and Jonas (Otis’s name before we adopted him) lived in the sink and my parent’s liked him so we adopted him. He seemed nice.
The moral of the story is never to mope for a long time if you lose a family member or a
friend. Never forget, but try to make new friends, just don’t replace the old ones. Be happy and be who you are and life will be easier on you.

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