Risky Behavior

November 1, 2007
Laura decided to walk on the ledge of the window to clear her mind of the days' mishaps. That's when her foot slipped and she was now hanging on the edge of the house by merely an index and pinky finger.
“Jules, Oh my god, help me,” Laura screamed.
There stood Julia, Laura's best friend. Julia was the shy one of the two. She was tall and pale with orange hair that made her believe she looked like a carrot. Her hair was always braided in one huge long braid and she never left the house without her small square shaped glasses of a tealish color. Julia was your typical “nerd”.
As for Laura, she was the head Varsity cheerleader. She had blond hair and the prettiest blue eyes that reminded you of the ocean at the beginning of sunset. Laura and Julie appeared to be exact opposites when in all actuality Laura was a Julie in disguise. Ms. Popularity dangled from the ledge as her best friend tried to steer clear of having a very well deserved panic attack.
“Jules, Get me down from here, Laura”, screamed again. Julia peeked her head out of the window and immediately drew it back in. She began whispering to herself and shaking her palms as if they were drenched in sweat.
“Umm, hold on Laur I'm…going to find a way to…just hold on.”
“I can't hold on much longer.” Laura was really scared this time. For once in her life the pain that she put other girls through being the stereotypical mean girl transformed into huge tear droplets on the verge of plummeting what seemed a bazillion feet below her. At this moment she became “A Julia”. She became the real Laura, the Laura that went on secret trips to the library with her nerdy best friend and sat in the back to read for hours; the Laura that wore braces in third grade and coke bottle glasses in second. She shed her image for a brief moment and connected with Julie in a way that would ultimately force her best friend to kill herself if she let her die like this. Then Julia ran down the stair as fast as she could. She was trying to comprise a plan for Laura to jump from the ledge without…well…without dying. If she called the fire department or the police they would arrive just in time to help plan her best friend's funeral.
“What's soft and comfy enough to land on from a second floor, Julia though. “I know! Pillows, blankets, cover, they're all soft and I'm sure that anyone around here would come to her rescue. Laura was now vigorously screaming her head off. Julia rushed across the street and knocked on a random neighbor’s door.
Umm…my friend is hanging from her ledge and I need to save her can you help me please, Julie said excitedly between panting breaths. The neighbor peered outside her door suspiciously but when she saw Laura countless feet above the ground her eyes widened with surprise.
Yes, let’s go, the neighbor replied
Julia ran throughout the whole entire house grabbing every soft object that she could find. She jetted outside to the spot where Laura was dangling like a lobster over a boiling pot of water.
Julie! What are you doing? I can't hold on much longer.
“I'm helping, just calm down, she said as she threw the blankets and pillows onto the ground.
“How are you helping?
Now Laura’s tone became aggravated and catty. She was turning into the stuck up snob that wore pink everyday and pushed around a corvette like she owned the world. A few brief moment of hope changed her back into the monster; a female version of Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde.
Julie just ignored her. She was slightly irritated but well accustomed to her Queen B mood swings.
Soon the neighbors began to get follow through with Julies plan and attempted to save
the homecoming queen.
Now there was a pile of clothes, pillows, and blankets, soft enough for the princess Laura to land in; not to mention the numerous amounts of neighbors either pitching in or spectating in amazement. Near death experiences attract anyone, Julie thought as she watched people anticipate the fate of her best friend.
“Okay, ready Laur I just need you to jump and I promise you'll be okay.”
Ready, 1….2…3…jump!
Laura opened her eyes and surprisingly she was on the ground, standing on her own to feet.
Awe man, I was one inch off, Laura said as she looked around curiously like Alice in WonderLand after her unfortunate tumble down the rabbit hole. The entire crowd was speechless and shocked. There was this two feet deep untouched pile of security lying across the lawn to keep the princess from breaking things far worse than nails. The princess herself was in a state of utter confusion, not realizing that the fabric made safety pile lay right beside her; useless. Julie was frozen in a state of stupidity. She didn’t know whether to be grateful that her friend was alive or to strike her across the face for causing so much mayhem when she could have just jumped down herself.

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