Drivers License

November 1, 2007
By Megan Bielski, Green Bay, WI

I remember it as one of the happiest and worst days of my life. The good part was that I didn’t have to go to school that morning. The bad part was that couldn’t stop pacing the floor and my stomach felt like it was tied in a million knots. I was about time to take my drivers test.
Before I actually went into the Department of Motor Vehicle’s d my dad had me drive around Pioneer for awhile so I could get used to the roads. I had been driving for six months now, but it seemed like I had forgotten everything. As we headed back to the DMV, my dad told me that I done a good job, but I knew I hadn’t. As we waited in the DMV we filled out all of the forms. I watched as the test examiner came in with another girl; the girl looked confident. Then they both went behind the curtain and she came out crying. Apparently she’d failed her driver’s test. I was thinking to myself “What just happened? Looked so confident and she failed? What am I going to do?”
I started taking short breathes and blood was rushing through by body. Then I heard my name and I got up. My examiner was a friendly woman and introduced herself to me and I followed her out to my car. The first thing she asked me to do was to turn my lights on, blinkers on, tap my brakes and turn my emergency light on. No problem. Then she got into the car and I started driving. My first instruction was to turn right out of the parking lot and that’s when I started to flip out. She had already started to write things on her paper and I kept thinking was it bad? It couldn’t have been bad I didn’t do anything yet. Then I thought maybe she just wrote my name? Yes, that’s probably it she wrote my name.
We went down a couple more streets and some side streets and then that’s when everything happened. The instructor had asked me to back up in a straight line. I had looked for my shoulder to make sure no cars were coming and I had reversed slowly. Then she told me to pull back out into the street and we were going to head back. So I put on my turn signal, looked over my shoulder, and hit the gas. Unfortunately the car went backward. I had forgotten to take the car out of reverse. I just looked at the instructor quickly, put the car in drive and started heading back. I feeling I had was indescribable. How could I have done that? I held the tears back.
I parked the car at the DMV and walked in. We all went behind the curtain and I knew exactly what she was going to tell me. I’d failed. I already knew it. Why bother? She got out her paper and said “Well, Megan, how does it feel to have your license?” My heart skipped a beat. I had passed! “I never worry about taking test anymore because in the end I know everything will be ok.”

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