No Ideas

November 1, 2007
On a cloudy Thursday morning, a kid is sitting in Writer’s Workshop. He had just finished a work and had no other ideas. He sits pondering about what to write about. “Should I write a medieval fantasy,” said the kid. “No too much to make up. I’m not as creative as usual today. He then turned to the kid next to him and asked, “Got any ideas, I’m stuck.”

“No, I’m in the middle of something. I haven’t though about anything else to right about” Said the girl.

“Okay thanks anyway,” he said. “There’s nothing to right about. I’ve got nothing.”

He hears the teacher tell people across the room to be quiet. So far he had written a poem and short story, but at this point nothing seemed to stick.
He started a story about an overseas gang and a family trying to outsmart them. He also started a fantasy about taking over the world but it had been too hard to introduce. He had sat there for two day with a few short works that he couldn’t finish.

“I’ve got nothing,” he thought to himself. “I might as well drop the course”. He thought he couldn’t write at all. He thought about everything and then he came up with a great idea.

“This is a perfect one. I’ll write a review of the Mets,” he said quietly. He started to write about the pitiful end of the year the Mets had. After one day of writing, he showed it to a friend. The friend pointed out some grammatical and spelling errors, but thought it was good.

After looking up the spelling of a few names and showing it to his teacher, he finished, and he was ready to start something else, but then he was right back where he started.

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