December 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Guitars are the best type of instrument there ever was. They allow people to express their style of music their way. They come in many shapes and sizes to express the owner’s style. They are also the most popular instruments out there today.

The first reason they are the best instruments, is they allow people to play their style of music. Many different sounds can be made using guitars, allowing change. Every style of music can be played with a guitar. There is no limit to the styles of music that a guitar can perform. Many use guitars to make their own styles. There are also different guitars that may improve the sound for certain styles of music.

The second reason guitars are the best instruments, is they come in all shapes and sizes. Different sizes can cause different sounds, which help with different style, but most importantly it shows its owner’s personality. It customizes to its owners style by reflecting what type of music the owner likes, what the owners personality is, and what the owners preferred color is. There are crazy shaped guitars for people who go all out and crazy when performing, there are beautifully rounded guitars for people who prefer smoothing classical sounds, and there are heavy duty guitars for people who smash for heavy metal music.

The third reasons guitars are the best instruments, is they are known all around the world. In America almost everyone wants to be a rock star. Even if they don’t, they still wish to know how to play. It is a remarkable instrument used everywhere. All of the world’s most favorite bands contain at least one guitar. All modern bands have guitars to create all kinds of styles the world has never heard before. Guitars are a way of a new sound.

Guitars have brought new sounds from generations by twisting sounds without technology. After making technology to give guitars different affects, the possibilities of sounds became endless. No other instrument comes in as many shapes, colors, types, and configurations as a guitar.

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on Dec. 15 2010 at 5:28 pm
Rainbeauxs SILVER, Bridgetown, Other
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i love this! I play guitar and this DEFINITELY describes what a guitar is.

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