Causing Problems in the Library

October 22, 2007
“Seriously, if I have to ask you to be quiet again you’re out of here!”

This is the line I hear four out of five times when I go to my school’s library. I don’t really know if I’m being that loud or if I just seem loud because everyone else is being quiet, but it never fails that I am talked to by at least one of the librarians. And most of the times I’m being yelled at, there are other kids being loud too or doing one of the other various things, like sitting with more than four people to a table, that aren’t getting in trouble because the librarians are too busy wasting their time yelling at me. I was getting so annoyed with the constant yelling and threats to be thrown out that I knew I had to do something soon, but at the same time I never wanted to get kicked out, so screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of the library was out of the question. So I decided I would cause a small problem anonymously.

One day last week, my friend and I casually strolled into the library and headed straight for the back part, where all the books are and the chairs were people sit and read are. We circled around a few times trying to scheme up a good plan and we finally thought of some. First, we went in between the bookcases and began to switch all of the signs to help direct people where certain books are. So if anyone needs to find a book, you will see science-fiction books in the arts section and books about eating disorders in the history section. Even though we found this very amusing, it wasn’t enough. We walked to the far end of the library and saw an innocent tree-like plant sitting by itself. It looked so lonely, so I decided it would be a lot happier tipped over so it could become acquainted with the floor. I lightly pushed the plant over and saw it hit the ground. At least I made sure the plant’s leaves were facing the sunlight. I just hope the librarians find it before the dirt and water leak all over the carpet.

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