October 22, 2007
“So will I still be able to work?” These were the first words my grandfather asked the doctor after he found out he had a broken collar bone. My grandfather to me has always been the perfect way to explain strength, honesty, and respect. As long as I can remember I have always looked up to my grandfather. When I was growing up he was always able to tell me what the right thing to do was, and the wrong thing to do without even making me mad or upset. Actually, he did these things in such a way that almost always expressed a sense of humor, but also in a way that was stern and showed me the point he was trying to make that I would not forget. This was amazing to me, because when most people tried to tell me something it would make me angry or disappointed at myself, and most of the time they weren’t even connecting with me in a way that was easiest to understand. My grandfather did these things in such a form that I could relate to and understand, and understand in a positive sense to myself. This is why my grandfather is my mentor.
My grandfather to me has always been a very good example of strength. He is always working. More than that he is always working hard, he is not at all the kind of man to slack off. He works from first thing in the morning until everything for that day is done. I can’t ever remember one time that I have seen or heard of my grandfather not working because he doesn’t feel good or is tired. He works until the work is done…sick or not. Just recently he broke his collar bone after his horse rolled over on him, and seeing him joke around with everyone right after it happened is very amazing to me, and even more amazing is that he never once said it hurt, or accepted pain pills. He is not even able to drive…let alone work, so he walks around and does all the little jobs on his farm and makes sure everything is ok, because he would rather be outside working then sitting inside all day. To me “strength” can easily be explained by my grandfather.
My grandfather has always shown a great example of honesty for a long time. One summer when I was younger I had gotten in trouble, and in return was sent home with my grandparents, because my mom was at work. I feared my grandparents more than my parents, because I had never really gotten into too much trouble when they were around, unlike when I was with my parents. I stepped into their house after the shameful drive home. At this time I was still ashamed of myself and did not want to face them, because I knew what I did was wrong. I sat down in a chair and still had not spoken a word, but when my grandmother had asked me why I had done that, and what I was thinking when I did it, I started making up lies and was trying to tell her that it wasn’t my idea and I shouldn’t be in trouble, because I didn’t do anything. My grandfather then looked directly at me, and made a very hard eye contact, and said, “ Do not lie to your grandma Brett, if you tell her the truth, yeah we will be a little mad at you for a little bit, but we will at least be glad your not a liar too.” Just that simple little sentence, which I myself even knew was true, just had a lot better/stronger affect on me when I had someone else say it instead of trying to lie to myself.

Respect to me is something that is just as valuable as money, because a lot of times respect brings you money, but without respect, money will not do you much good. Any time I ever mention my grandfather around other people, they always tell me how lucky I am to have him for a grandfather. My grandfather is someone that receives a lot of respect from others, but at the same time he stays humble, and has respect for others also. I believe the reason that my grandfather to me seems to be well so well respected is that as long as I can remember he is always working, but at the same time saves time for his family and friends. On top of this he is the kind of person that if you compliment him on something he does not soak it in, and milk it, instead he just stays humble, and talks to you about something he can compliment you on. I think even if you told my grandfather that he was a good man, he would not want to think so, and try to talk you wrong, because he is not one to brag, and that to me is respect. Respect I think comes from each one of these characters I have told you about all rolled into one. This is why I call my grandfather a mentor.

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