October 22, 2007
Lies. Cheating. Divorce.
Some may say they live with two parents, a mom and a dad. Others may say they live with a biological parent and a step-parent. I on the other hand live with just a dad. My parents filed for divorce around fifteen to sixteen months ago.
My mom has brown hair, blue eyes, and is very short like me. She thinks she's a higher class than my dad. My dad has brown hair, brown eyes, and is tall. He's a redneck country type of guy. When he was a kid he and his family grew all their food.
My parents used to be happy. They'd talk and were nice to each other. Then, with the impact of a train wreck, everything changed. Instead of talking they would yell. Instead of being nice they would fight. My mom threatened to call the cops on my dad for abusing her.
A couple nights a week my parents would call me when I got out of school and tell me they had to attend a late night meeting or a customer needed a big order right away, and they'd be home late. One night it got really late and my sister and I got hungry, so I called my parents cell phones and work numbers. No answer from either one. Where could they be that they couldn't answer their phone for their child?
I made a ham sandwich for my sister and put her to bed. An hour later, finally two pairs of headlights pulled into my driveway. About time!
Soon as my parents walked through the door, I could feel some tension in the air. My dad went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. My mom went to the living room and watched T.V. I asked her where they really were and what took so long.
She told me that they were seeing a marriage counselor. A counselor I thought -- this means the fighting and yelling and embarrassing break downs at home, as well as in public would stop.
Wrong! It got worse. Nobody was happy in the house anymore. The yelling got louder, the fighting got more violent. When a child wants to go to school and gets up an hour earlier just to get ready because they would do anything to get out that's when, you know there is a problem.
My parents realized that it wasn't the right environment for their children so they stopped yelling and fighting. But my sister and I could tell it was still there. My dad worked overtime, and went to the deer woods every weekend all day. My mom “hung out” with her friend from work, and ran up our phone bill by talking to him all the time.
She would go to our back yard and talk all day with out saying one word to anyone. Instead of eating with the family, like how she used to she'd talk to her friend.
My parents sat my sister and I down on the couch and told us the phrase we knew was coming.”We're getting a divorce.” My dad isn't the type to cry. He cried at his fathers funeral but that's the only time. I looked at him and his eyes were blood shot, puffy, and his cheeks were stained. As I heard the words come from her mouth it was like it was final. That's it. It felt like a dream. My mom just sat there.
Even though they were getting a divorce my mom stayed at home for a while. Until they went to court to decide who would keep the house, and who got full custody of my sister and I. The court chose my dad would keep full custody. My mom would have to move out of the house and pay child support.
A month later my mom moved to an apartment in Sherwood. Billy, her “special friend” helped her move her furniture and things like that. He also kept her company a few nights.
During the summer the court ordered that my sister and I had to spend a week with my mom and the other week with my dad. Since I believe once your married thats it there's no divorce, I was really upset with my mom.
Instead of the fighting being between her and my dad, it was between her and I. Every time I'd go to her house we'd yell and fight. She told me things that a mother should never, ever say to their child. “You're fat loose weight”, “You've gone mental! I'll put you in Pinnical Point or Bridge Way if you're not careful,” That's just a few phrases she would tell me.
One weekend I had plans to go hang out with a friend. She told me she didn't have a problem with it. When it came to the time to leave, she told me I couldn't leave because I had to go to a graduation. I hadn't seen this guy in six years why would I want to go to his graduation? She didn't see it that way.
We started yelling at each other, nothing new, I forgot to bite my lip during the yelling and fighting. I told her she was a bitch. The next thing I knew a box was being thrown at me and all my stuff was being handed to me by my mom.
She told me to leave her house and never talk to her again. So I respected her wishes and didn't talk to her. My dad wasn't happy with me not talking to my own mother. So, after four months of not talking, he made me write an email and tell her I apologized.
She apologized and said she didn't mean to say those things and she that loves me. I meet her every Friday at six at the police station on Geyer Springs so she can take my sister to her house. Every now and then I'll send her a chain text message but that's the only talking we ever do. I'm not sure if I can forgive her for what she did to me or not.

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