Tragic Medical Care System in Poland

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

November 16th, 2010

Dear Sir,

All people face different and numerous health issues in their lives. Therefore it is very significant that they can get medical care from educated doctors. There are many important factors, which a country must have. Medical and Health Care for everyone is one of the most needed and crucial ones. Poland, a European country, is lacking in medical help. It has a free health care system for all citizens, and it’s great. The problem is that it doesn’t work, because Poland can’t afford it. This may be the main reason why it isn’t working on world-class standards.

Poland’s health system is coming closer to a point where it can collapse. It has happened before that environmental and health problems led to a complete destruction and crisis in a country. Just like in the Roman Empire. It has started with nobleman using lead pipes that were poisonous. When diseases became plaques, there were no doctors. People were helpless, just like some unfortunate polish residents.
By going to a doctor, people hope that they will get help and useful advice from a competent specialist, which is one example of a major problem. There is limited access for further training. Doctors can’t afford extra studies and at the same time receive super low wages. Why? Because there is no money charged for polish health care. The government doesn’t give enough funds for hospital renovation, new treatments and more advanced equipment, which is necessary, while it donates money to countries in need.

In many of the world’s countries there are special care systems for older people and pregnant women. Why isn’t there one in Poland? Once again, because the country can’t afford it! People can’t get necessary help. The government has to be able to determine how much money they can spend and how much earn, be able to keep some balance.
There is a non-sufficient number of hospitals. Some do exist, although in very bad condition because of the lack of repair. The Polish government doesn’t spend enough money on the medical institutions, so they can be cleaned or repainted. One solution would be to create a nationwide system of monitoring the health care institutions, which would encourage them, or eventually make them, stand up to the world class service standards.

Not only there is a lack of needed treatments and equipment, but also lack of knowledge of the doctors. A couple months ago a pregnant women, Ewa, became a victim of a similar situation. She was refused medical treatment for a colon condition which might have interfered with her pregnancy. Her doctor never clearly stated his reasons. Ewa died, and so did her baby. Later it turned out that the doctor refused the treatment because of his beliefs on abortion. That kind of behaviour from the expert’s side should never be allowed.

As previously stated the Polish Government has to mind the Medical Care! It donates money to help poor people in other countries but never really considered fixing its own systems. Polish citizens need to have the right to get sufficient health care, maybe not for free but even 10 zl. would suffice. It is really within all my hopes and wills that someone will finally take that in mind and try to do something to help. Once again, remember the Roman Empire. Let’s learn from others’ mistakes. Everyone deserves to be healthy! Help the polish medical care System!
Sincerely Yours,
Asia Kowalska

The author's comments:
This is an Editorial Letter the student did for Language Arts and Social Studies. We had a free choice in topics so I decided to do Polish Medical Care because... I don't really know. It bother's me that people can't get sufficient help.

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