The Proposal

December 9, 2010
The most romantic story I have ever heard was how Melanie and Lucas decided to be married. Melanie and Lucas were madly in love for three years. Lucas lived in Seattle and Melanie lived in Auburn, California. They rarely got to see each other, only on weekends.

Melanie was feeling that the relationship was going nowhere and she missed him too much to be away from him. She decided she would give him another weekend to propose to her. When the weekend came and went, he still did not ask her to marry him. Disappointed, Melanie thought it was over. On Monday, when she went to work at Starbucks, someone gave her a purple box and said it was from Lucas. Inside was a note saying, “To find the next clue, go to Baskin Robins and ask for a blue box.” After work Melanie went and found the blue box and it said, “Next clue is at the Flower Shop. Say your name and you’ll get something special.” Following the notes directions, Melanie went to the destination and found a bouquet of daisys, her favorite flower. She also found a green box that had a note written in it that said “Come to the park where our first date was.” Naturally Melanie followed what it said because she was eager to see what was next. Finding it quite dark, she was still able to see a red box, with another note that said, “Look to your left.” As she turned twinkling lights illuminated and the song “Your Guardian Angel” began to play, which was their song. Lucas came out and said “One more box for you!” He handed her a gold box with gold and red ribbon around it. Inside a note was written, “Will you marry me?” with a gorgeous ring inside it.

Jumping into his arms, she said, “YES, YES, YES.” Tears were streaming down both their faces as they kissed. They danced the night away. Mr. and Mrs. Myers had their wedding on the beach in Hawaii on July 4th. A couple years later they ended up having twins. A boy named Alex and a girl named Nicole. They were married for 50 years and creating life long memories.

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