We Belong

December 8, 2010
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The perfect enchantment was when we set foot on the dance floor. His legs flowing as if wind were traveling throughout his soul anticipating the temptation. Then mine seeming as if they were attached to his. We belong. Not a moment passed without me savoring the dare in his eyes that locked with mine while his broad shoulders lengthened his reach, and his pure truthful body swaying within the night sky.

I would dance, eyes closed, and every time they opened, his face was planted next to mine still and frozen in time- we belong. Was this who I wanted to be for the rest of my life or is this some kind of dream God cast upon me? I’ll never know my true heart’s desire, but one thing I was sure of, this was the real me. Dancing, swaying, thinking no one was watching us was my only apprehension. It was who I was, my providence. My dream continues.

Our attractions grew and seeping into his innocent rush-of-the-wind crystal clear eyes, my mind filled with wonder. Awe-struck wonder at the mention of his name, Jace, relieved my mind and I felt rejuvenated. Gracefully reaching the end of our delightful dance my life felt like a shortage. Perhaps the 13 years I’ve already lived hasn’t built enough potential to keep this dream lasting.

The only exception is the multi-faced voice from above that’s calling out his name. The way he glistens in the moonlight is indescribable. All the positive adjectives couldn’t come close to describing how majestically extravagant he looked. We belong.

While intensity increases, my stiff composure reached for him, but I felt nothing... Where is he? Is he a figment of my imagination? He can’t be. My heart stopped. I hoped my mind wasn’t playing a trick on me. Scared out of my wits I was hoping and wishing that it wasn’t a dream and that he WAS real. I didn’t want to be mortified as I walked in on Tuesday morning at school and people snicker at my dancing charade. I felt my rejuvenation had disappeared in an instant. The sky seemed duller; tears started trembling, begging for my fantasies to reappear. I blurt out PLEASE forgetting that there were clusters of peers lingering around. I saw a glimpse of something ahead. I jolted through the tornado crowd, through the alley while clouds whispered and bushes rustled. Please, please I pleaded with myself, let this be my knight in shining armor. No, I stopped my incessant rumbling thoughts. Why did I want, scratch that, need him so badly? I guess he understood me like no one else could. Apparently, we don’t belong. I gave up my sanity for some fictional ‘movie’ that would never matter again.

Tuesday morning. While everyone greeted me as I walked into school, I was pleading in my mind that no one remind me of that night. That’s how I remember it: that night. Stopping in my classroom I find him lying in his desk snoozing with his feet propped up. My imagination didn’t betray me. He’s real, we’re real, and we belong.

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Christieee said...
Dec. 16, 2010 at 4:57 pm
this is sooooooo good. i love the imagery in this. and i love you too boo:) keep writing!!
Acceptionss replied...
Dec. 16, 2010 at 5:17 pm
Hahaha, Thanks Darling!(: I Like Yours A Lot! And Anyone That's Reading My Comment Search Face It By Christieee!!!! Literally, There's Three E's!(:
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