New Love and a Tragic Closure

December 8, 2010
By rachel Wimmer BRONZE, Los Altos, California
rachel Wimmer BRONZE, Los Altos, California
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8:39 A.M. September 11, 2001
Lower Manhattan, New York City

“Wait. Shane. I’m too nervous, I don’t know if I want to do this today…can’t we just wait till’ tomorrow?” Blaire complained.
“Blaire, come on, your going to have to at some point. Let’s go. I’m here with you. Nothing can go wrong.” Shane comforted her.
“Okay fine. I’m telling you though, you’re parents wont be impressed with me. I’m probably not what they are expecting…and I know I don’t meet their standards.” Blaire self-consciously compared herself to the Johnson family.
Shane confirmed: “They will love you! Believe me.” He grabbed her sweaty hand firmly and led her through the large double doors of the North Twin Tower. The size of the building overwhelmed her. As Blaire’s eyes wandered, Shane escorted her to the elevator, and pressed the button with the arrow pointing up. When the elevator door opened as the bell rang, they stepped in and rested their backs against the wall. Shane reached over to press the button for floor 96. The doors slowly pushed together and they were alone in the square room. Shane could feel Blaire’s hand, wet, with sweat. She glanced over at him and dove into his arms. They kissed as if it were their last time. Shane grabbed the sides of her narrow waist with both hands and pressed her body against his. They were undeniably in love. They wanted each other more than anything.
8:41 A.M. September 11, 2001
The elevator bell interrupted them as they had reached floor 96. They mischievously smiled and pushed each other away as the door opened exposing them to many public sets of eyes. Blaire slid her hand over her tousled hair as they walked into the office building. Shane immediately led Blaire into the office room on the left, passing the front desk. The assistant and businessmen and woman all knew Shane as they waved and smiled in their direction. They critically stared at Blaire as she stayed close to Shane’s side. They had seen every girl Shane brought in to meet his parents; it was almost a game for the businesswoman to observe each and every one of them. Shane pulled open the glass door and a man and woman stood up in their preppy, name brand clothing to greet the new couple. His parents seemed desensitized to this situation.
“Dad, this is Blaire. Mom, this is Blaire.” Shane introduced his parents. He was frustrated with their attitude. They were careless and arrogant as they glared at her and shook her hand.
“Nice to meet you,” Brian and Keri replied in unison, “we’ve heard a lot about you.” Anyone could easily sense the sarcasm. Blaire could already perceive the relationship between Shane and his parents. She theorized that they were never close, and their relationship was formal and lacked affection.
8:44 A.M. September 11, 2001
Shane offered to pay for breakfast as he reached in his pocket for his money clip. It wasn’t there; he must have left it in the car.
“I left my wallet in the car, I’m going to go get it.”
“Okay Shane we will stay with Blaire and get to know her a bit.” Blaire looked at Shane nervously. Shane stroked her hand and stepped out to retrieve his wallet. That touch created a burn in each other’s chest as their hearts deeply pumped blood into their love-starved bodies.
8:45 A.M. September 11, 2001
Shane ran out of the room, passed the front desk, and hurried into the opened elevator. He pressed the lobby button and rested back on the wall of the square room. He closed his eyes and realized how much he cared for Blaire and how different she was from anyone he had ever met. He knew she would change his life. He knew she was the one. He felt wrong to leave her with his parents but he knew better to never argue with them. Besides, he would see her in a minute once he got his wallet. As the elevator moved downwards fast, his heart was beating quicker than it ever had. What was going on? He put aside his worry when he walked out the elevator and out the double doors.
8:46 A.M. September 11, 2001

A loud screech shook the ground as he looked up towards the sky and witnessed a jet airliner fly straight into the building above him. The plane struck the upper northeastern side of the building- the exact area of his parent’s office- the exact area where his only passion existed- Blaire. His body hit the ground as a ball of fire exploded above him. The sound was deafening. The fear was beyond capacity. He could feel heat rush over him as he leaned to his right side to throw up. Emotion ran up and down his body like flashing lights and he felt dizzier than he ever thought possible. The thundering roar of the explosion vibrated his head against the cement and made his body numb. Screams and shrieks struck him with horror and shivers. He lay on the steps of the North Twin Tower, traumatized, unable to move, unable to speak, and unable to see.
8:51 A.M. September 11, 2001
It felt like forever until he heard voices right above him. Four firefighters kneeled next to him asking him questions. The only word they could hear him say was “Blaire.”
“Sir! Are you okay? Can you hear me? Where are you right now? Can you feel your –
“BLAIRE.” This was the last word he could yell with the last energy he had inside of him.
The firemen took him straight to the hospital where his life was saved. He was physically rehabilitated within three weeks. Emotionally, however, would take eternity.
8:46 P.M. September 5, 2001 (six days prior)

Shane nervously sat down on the leather stool in front of the female bartender. He had always been attracted to her but there was a divide between her and the girls he was normally interested in. Her difference was the lack of interest on her part. She never conveyed curiosity in him; in fact, she barely even noticed him when he was at the bar.

Blaire had been working as a bartender for six months at Chumley’s Bar on Bedford Street. Almost every weekend, Blaire kept track of the many girls Shane brought to the bar or took home after. She saw him as an attractive man, but one she would never have interest in, considering his proven inability to stay with one girl for more than a week.

Shane charmingly glared at Blaire with a crooked smile as he tilted his head and reached out his hand to introduce himself. Shane’s tan complexion was spotted with scruff surrounding his chin and outer cheeks, untouched by a razor in a couple days. His full lips pressed against his perfectly white and large teeth. Messy, short, and dark brown hair framed his chiseled face. Thick eyebrows arched over his oval eyes; their blue coloring sparkled with appeal and interest. She rejected the handshake and looked at him with a smirk.

“May I introduce myself? My name is Shane.” He expected her to reply by introducing her self, but there was no answer. He was surprised by her impenetrable personality, but he was determined. Shane couldn’t think of one girl he was unable to impress in his entire life. Her arched eyebrow rose in disgust and her piercing green eyes narrowed. They were beautifully lined with dark long lashes. Her large pink-flushed lips were slightly opened, previewing her flawlessly pearl-white teeth. Blaire’s chocolate brown hair was silky, straight, and reached just passed her breasts. To Shane, she was the definition of gorgeous.

“Excuse me. There must be a misunderstanding.” Blaire responded. Although she spoke to him in an arrogant manner, and publically rejected him, she acknowledged her inside attraction towards him. She always had her guard up for men, but especially for him. She hoped he couldn’t see right threw her, because inside, all she wanted was to meet him and understand who he really was underneath that egotistic, but handsome figure.
8:58 P.M. September 5, 2001

“Can you just give me a chance?” Shane desperately gave her one last possibility to talk to him.

“What do you want me to do?” Blaire asked.

“Make us both a drink, and then let’s dance.” He responded. Blaire knew she couldn’t use the work excuse because her shift was just about over at 9. The thought of her talking and dancing with him made her heart race.

“I’ll have one drink with you.” She grinned slowly as she turned to make them. Shane was impressed with her skill at creating drinks; he thought she was the sexiest woman he had met.

Blaire slid the glass across the bar and held her own in her hand. She stared at him through the corner of her eye as she tilted the glass against her lips and took three sips. She watched for his reaction. Shane did the same as he smiled, taking exactly three sips. She turned and softly laughed to herself, as she never would have imagined playing a flirtatious game with the man she banned herself from. They took turns imitating each other until their drinks were finished. Shane reached for her hand to dance and she smiled, accepting. She walked around the bar quickly and stepped right up against him as they danced. She moved like a professional, every step, every movement, seemed to be perfect. They were unstoppable. Talking, smiling, laughing, the two individuals were experiencing something they never thought possible.
10:34 P.M. September 5, 2001

Blaire found herself with her arms over Shane’s shoulders as he gently pressed his lips over her bottom lip and closed his eyes. She hesitated, but then joined in. Their bodies fluttered with adventure and imagination as they kissed. Blaire and Shane’s worries were nowhere near their thoughts as she followed him out of the bar and into the night, on the streets of New York City. After walking around randomly and enjoying the crisp air, Shane called a taxi to bring them to his apartment in downtown east.
12:08 A.M. September 6, 2001
She followed him up his stairs and into his beautiful apartment. Clearly, he was from a wealthy, first class family. Blaire was from midtown and knew she lived a very different lifestyle, however, tonight, she knew there was an immediate connection between them and she wouldn’t let a financial comparison get in between them. Before she thought anymore about differences or worries, she was up against the wall as he pressed against her with a gasp. Her dress was hanging off her tanned shoulder, exposing her black lace bra. Shane wanted Blaire. It was clear the desire was mutual as she drove her hands under his button down and up his abs to his chest. Her touch against his stomach caused his muscles to tense. He slid his hand behind her back to detach her bra. Once her dress and bra hit the floor, it was her turn. Blaire pulled his shirt off of his flexed upper body. The beauty of his physique was overwhelming. Shane leaned in and carefully kissed her neck, then moved to her lips. Her hands held his head close as they exchanged intense kisses. He picked Blaire up in his arms as they moved to his room.
That night, Blaire and Shane, two individuals whom never thought of each other as possible romantic options, found a new and lasting love, a true feeling that created a relationship. They both knew it was right, even when disregarding the physical attraction, their separate and divergent lives constructed a mutual interest and easy connection. Blaire and Shane fell in love. Some say “love never lasts,” but for Blaire and Shane, it would have.

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