Trust Me… It’s Only the Onset

December 7, 2010
By weston13 BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
weston13 BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
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live life on the edge, just dont fall off, you'll be to much of a mess to clean up- author Unknown

The warm humid August morning engulfed my slim scrawny body, as I took the brave steps down to the street below. I knew this is the day that it would happen; I've been planning for a month, and now the conditions are just right. A beautiful day, nothing could go wrong. At least it seems like it, but I'm not one to judge before I know…

As the busy city bustled around me, the plan was still going through my head, again and again and again. All of it perfect, down to the last detail. The breeze, as it picked itself up, pierced the thick layer of warmth radiating from my jacket and rustled the autumn colored leaves clinging for their own wellbeing, to the trees above. The concrete path below the artificial leather that was on my feet was now littered with brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds.
I thought that I might stop just to stare at the vast variety of the colors and shapes, now stuck to the cold, dark ‘safety’ of the ground. I thought, but I didn’t choose, my feet just continued walking… completely to their own free will, nothing could stop them. My mind, now turn into a pulp, needed to cleanse the world. I needed to help the brainwashed people of today’s society. To cleanse this green globe of the wrongs of society…
It was only so long ago that I knew what I had to do… when I found my purpose in life… when I knew society had to be destroyed. People … they need my help… they don’t realize it yet, but they will soon enough. They even publicized last week’s excursion I took… they called me a menace, but I know the truth of the matter… they know I'm a menace to their cause… they want me out of this world so they can do what they wish… I know something they don’t though; I posses a weapon that will cleanse this world; bring peace to a nation consumed with anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
What I'm doing will save mankind… it’s my destiny… nothing can stop me. I will make this right… I started my journey last week when I hung the corrupt man with barbed-wire… then it just took off from there. There was the man the day after… the w**** after that… and after that… so many more. People call me a menace… I call myself a savior, a liberator, a rescuer, a knight in shining armor… they will see… they will pay for the malicious acts they have committed… I will show them, I am their messiah. It’s only a matter of time now… I will clean this city up for good. This is my final excursion…
12/21/12 Matt Petterson signing off

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