Going to the Beach

December 8, 2010
By frannybby BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
frannybby BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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If you were the type of person that likes to go to the beach, wouldn't you think it's a great idea going with your church as a trip? Well wrong! One memorable memory I had was going to Wildwood beach with my church. Half of the people that went to weren't even in our church! It started when we were in the bus; there were no space for our church members to sit. When we were on our way to Wildwood we got lost so many times. We had some arguments while going there, and then my brother almost had a fight! I'm in a bus with bunch of Haitians they complain and don't really know places. My mom was mad for some reason that I don't know of.

We finally reached our destination I'm like thinking things will get better well I was wrong! Since they didn't know where to change the girls and I had to change in the bus. So we on the beach, we laid some blankets and towels. We started unpacking our lunch, that's when dirt got in most of the foods we had. We didn't worry about the food we're just ready to go in the river. My mom wouldn't even let me go far because she's scared. The whole entire time she was complaining about my brother going to deep. The saddest thing is that we had to evacuate because there was a storm. I was so pissed at the fact that we were only there for like an hour and had to leave.

Since I paid money to go to the beach I had to spend a good time swimming right? While some of the people in my church were at the boardwalk I found this apartment that had a pool. My mom was already there and I asked her if a can go for a swim. She hesitated to say yes, but her friend that was with her told he that I should go. When I got in the pool I was drowning, since I don't know how to swim very well. This guy saved me. The reason why I drowned was because where I was standing it said it was 1ft, so I decide to go in. Where I was drowning was 11ft compared to what I read. It wasn't really my fault my mom was scared and so was I. When we came back from the pool we stayed for a little while. I went and joined my friends on the boardwalk where there was games and stuff. We took pictures.

Going back was okay because there wasn't as much argument as there were on our way there. The bus driver was getting on some people nerves and mine. He decided that he wanted to leave some people that were coming late to the bus; by the way we didn't leave anyone. When we got back in the church i was so tired and wanted to go home so bad. In the end it was peaceful.

This was a memorable trip because I ended up hating and enjoying it. Even though I drowned, we didn't get to swim on the shore, some of our foods were covered with sand, and there were some arguments on our way there and on our way home. There were some good things about the trip too. The fact that I spent it with my church members, had fun with my friends, it was a great way for out church to bond. I may say I don't want to go back to wildwood beach with my church, well I'm lying. I know it will be memorable and fun as this day was.

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