Friends Got Your Back

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Friend is good to have around because you can talk about things in your mind. You share emotions together like being happy and, sad. When you’re depressed they are there to cheer you up. They like you for who you are. Friends want you to be yourself and not like others. Sometimes you gain friends at school, playgrounds, or somewhere.

Friends are there to help you out with things that are tough for you. Examples are like your family member got in a accident, got into a fight, or failed a test. No matter what the problem is they’re there to help you because they want to show how much they thank you for being there for them.

Sometimes it’s hard to make friends but you shouldn’t give up on yourself because there is hope. You should care and love your friends. There like a family because you have a close bond together and won’t break as easy. You should be thankful for having friends because if you don’t you’ll end up lonely and depressed.

Friends are helpful because they will lend you money, take the blame or get in trouble with you so you don’t feel embarrassed in front of the whole class. They’re the best thing you can wish for in life cause you share and talk about your life. There not something you can throw away like a scrap of useless paper that you never used. You must have a strong bond that comes from the heart.

The author's comments:
I hope people feel that friends are important

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