December 2, 2010
By nabil ahmed BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
nabil ahmed BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Have you ever been bullied?

Bullying is a form of abuse, So many people around the whole world have been bullied. Bullying is not a good situation to be in .If you are getting bullied you should tell an adult if they could help. Bullying is worse than you think of it because most of the time bullying leads into suicide. Most of the people that get bullied are young adults (teens).bullying often occurs when the bully himself doesn’t get what they want or they have been mistreated by their parents or their parents don’t care what they do and they are not successful in being popular. Most of the times bullying occurs with boys and not girls. It has been estimated that 160,000 teens miss school every day due to fear .one in seven students is either a bully or a victim.25% of teachers see nothing wrong with bullying because they have never been in that situation .the types of bullying are physical, verbal, social, .bullying mostly occurs in the United States than any other country.

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