Global Warming

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern,

Our world is beautiful. We have majestic nature and wildlife surrounding us. Unfortunately, lots of species that were once in our world became extinct or are under safety, due to the effect of global warming. Ice caps are melting, more fires and other natural disasters are occurring. More and more species are endangered, and so are we. In this letter I want to present the issues of global warming and the greenhouse effect. Included are the causes, effects and the solutions that can be accomplished not only by scientists, but also normal people. Global warming is a major topic that is talked among scientists, and it is worth to know how we can prevent it.

As previously stated, global warming is a major issue in the world. Our planet is heated by UV sun rays. The sun rays go through our atmosphere, but never come out. That is called the greenhouse effect. The sun rays get trapped inside the atmosphere and they heat up the earth. This causes a rise in temperature and earth heats. Because of this, lots of disadvantages happen and it destroys our world. Numerous numbers of life forms suffer because of global warming.
People have no idea what they are doing. It’s all because of CO2, also known as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the biggest cause of global warming. CO2 can be found in fossil fuels, factories, electricity production etc. Those cause pollution, in which the CO2 goes into our atmosphere. Fossil fuels make a barrier, which is better known as the greenhouse effect. There the sun rays are trapped, and as previously written, they heat up the earth. Another cause of global warming is methane released from landfills, nitrous oxide from fertilizers and gases like chlorofluorocarbons which were banned because they destroy the ozone layer. There are lots of causes of global warming, and they have an effect everywhere.
Global warming has lots of effects. Temperature rises drastically. Because of the rise in temperature, ice bergs melt. This causes lots of damage. Polar bears drown in numerous sums. It is one of the endangered species. Polar bears need somewhere to stay at, and rest, but unfortunately, with the ice caps melting, more and more polar bears suffer a fatal death of drowning. Another issue with the ice caps melting is that the level of water is rising. The level of salt water is decreasing, while the sweet water enters the ocean. Cities that are nearby the ocean, flood because of the raise of water. More floods occur every year. Wildlife is getting destroyed. Everything due to global warming!
Though global warming already had reached a great scale, it doesn’t mean that it’s unstoppable. Hundreds of scientists meet every year, just to discuss the issue of global warming, and the ways that they can help. They constructed lots of ways that we can be ecological and help the world like wind power, solar panels, ecological fuel and they are still working on more. But not only scientists can help. Other people can also help by doing small things that still help a lot. People can ride bikes, instead of the car, turn of lights and water when not needed, recycle etc. People can also start using the ecological fuel. Though these are small things, if everyone starts doing them, this would be a great help to out planet. Don’t think that somebody else might do it, because they might think the same idea. So make a difference and help our planet.
Overall, global warming is a big issue in our world, and now we know how to stop it. Scientists are working hard to prevent any further disasters from happening. There are lots of causes and effects of global warming, but that doesn’t mean that it can nor be prevented. Everyone can make a difference, and we can start with accomplishing good deeds. Global warming may destroy the world but it doesn’t have too. It is stoppable. So make a difference and help out planet.

The author's comments:
I am really concerned about global warming and I would really like to know that the world is doing something about it. I would like people to read it and know what the consequences global warming can cause.

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