Frequent Gas Station Visitors

December 2, 2010
By nickflores79 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
nickflores79 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Each day millions of different people visit their local gas station. Although there are so many different types of people, of these, three types of gas station visitors can be spotted very easily. Each of these types has their own distinctive physical appearance. Each of these types has its own distinctive gas pumping technique. Each of these types freely voices their opinions on the world. These three types of gas station visitors can be seen every day. Each of these types annoys every single person there.
The first type of gas station visitor is Strictly Business Sally. She can be pointed out from a mile away; her appearance is very distinctive. She steps out of her classy car and makes sure to fix her skirt is in the right place. She has her Bluetooth headset on talking to her various work and personal contacts. Strictly Business Sally is all about work and stops talking on her cell phone when she wants to brag. Her hair is straight as an arrow running down the spine of her back. She wears a long sleeve, button down blouse and a black skirt; all items of clothing without a wrinkle on them. She wears closed-toe high-heels in place of the casual sandal. Strictly Business Sally drives up in her eco-friendly, imported car with a locked access door hiding a spare key and the music is turned down, but the music is loud enough for some people to hear. She is listening to her usual Mozart and Beethoven only to make her feel sophisticated and better than everyone else at that gas station. She has a distinctive pumping technique also. First, she turns off the car completely, making sure no electricity is running through while she pumps. Then, she unscrews the cap from the tank before activating the pump. She pumps the gas until it is almost completely full, then slows the gas down making sure it doesn’t come spewing out. Sally then screws the cap on, closes the access door, and replaces the pump as if she was following strict instructions. Now, Strictly Business Sally’s most revealing characteristic is displayed: She demands a readable receipt for her checking account report. She then goes on a rant about how her eco-friendly car is better than the rest. She tells the cashier, “My car gets forty miles to the gallon and I am helping save the environment. I believe everyone should get an eco-friendly car like I do.” Then she goes on her way after swiping the vibrant, blue piece of plastic. Finally, she walks out to her car and calculates her gas mileage for the last tank. Everyone has not missed Strictly Business Sally’s presence that day, but they hope they are lucky enough to miss her presence the next time they visit
The second type of gas station visitor is Leisure Leroy. He drives an Oldsmobile Station Wagon with gray wood side panels. He has the music up high blasting his favorite show tunes for every person around him to hear. His physical appearance is also very distinctive. Leisure Leroy has on a Margaritaville hat on to cover his abnormally large bald spot. His untrimmed, white beard is flying in the wind any way it wants. He has on a fluorescent, flower print shirt that strikes every ones attention. Leisure Leroy also has on khaki shorts that rest above the knee and high white socks with mandals. To make sure he can take as much time as he needs pumping, he pays the gas in advance. Leisure Leroy pulls his station wagon into the first open pump, preventing another car to drive up to the second pump. He steps out of his car and slowly makes his way to gas tank. He even vocalizes his carefree attitude by whistling along to the show tune that is playing on each step that he takes.. He carelessly slips the pump into the open gas tank and spills a little bit of gasoline on his shorts. This goes unnoticed as his eyes wander around looking at every moving object in sight. He leans against his car while pumping the gas absent mindedly, confident that the pump will stop before it spills gas on the ground. After his tank is filled he returns the pump and carelessly forgets to close his gas tank. Leisure Leroy then casually strolls to the convenience store. There he voices (to no one in particular) how great retirement is. He looks through each shelf of delicious snacks with no intent on purchasing one single item, slowly walks to the bathroom and analyzes the gasoline stain on his shorts, and finally walks out to his car. Leisure Leroy can not be ignored, although people may want to.
The final type of gas station visitor is Landscaper Leonard. He is usually wearing a sweat stained wife beater and some off colored type of basketball shorts. His skin is sun baked as dark as a pig skin football. He has on a baseball cap to shade his face from the brutal sun. His face has a large black stain, probably from wiping the sweat with a dirty hand. He drives a beat up, old, pickup truck that has many different shades of color from all the patch ups they have done to it. This truck can be heard coming from down the street with its squeaky brakes and clunking motor. In the bed of the truck lies an empty red gas can. His pumping technique is very unique. First, Landscaper Leonard pays the cashier in advance about two dollars. Then he fills the gas can and carelessly goes over one or two cents. He goes back to the cashier and takes the extra change out of the “Take a penny – Leave a penny” dish. He always tells the cashier, “The lawnmower would not start and I had to rig the weed eater with an extra screw today.” He also explains, “Now that the lawnmower will work, it is too hot to go out there and work.” . Landscaper Leonard has only two annoying traits, but these only describe him. First, he smells disgusting and his smell lingers for a while, even after he has left. Second, he returns later that day to fill up his gas can and repeats the exact routine each time. Some fill pity for how hard he works for very little pay, but rather not have to deal with the constant annoyances he brings.
These three types of gas station visitors add a considerable amount of frustration to everyone else there. These visitors could even test the patience of gods. These are the extremes of their characters, but most of us can relate to one or two characteristics portrayed here. Next time you are at the gas station, pay attention to the types of visitors there. Next time you take a visit to the gas station, if you miss Strictly Business Sally, Leisure Leroy, or Landscaper Leonard consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

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