What God Made

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

The land has changed much since the dry desert of Phoenix was left behind. Pine trees now cover the vast lands of the upper mountains of Arizona. The landscape is completely bathed in green, something seldom seen in Phoenix. Green can be described in so many ways, but this serene forest paints all the inviting, luminescent, cold, and warm greens of the entire world, into one landscape. The pine trees, bushes and blowing grass are the backgrounds of the canvas on which God paints the vibrant, brilliant, and blazing beauty of the forest in the spring.
Wild flowers boldly clothe the green canvas, waving in the slight breeze, flaunting their beauty. If one could divide each brilliant color of the rainbow into a million different hues, every hue would radiate from the blossoms that crown the rolling ocean of green grass. Soft yet bright pinks, rich purples, peaceful blues, sunny yellows, and autumn oranges grace the land. More tranquil in nature, are the flowers that grandmothers lovingly tend to in their gardens. These fragile beauties bring them joy, and no football or kickball must ever touch them. Not quite as wild as the other flowers which inhabit the front yard, they emit a sense of delicate life. The grandfathers’ gardens on the other hand, are filled with vegetables of all sorts. The purple and white tops of onions and the green hats on top of the carrots peek through the dark moist soil.
The birds that come to socialize at the bird bath or grab a bite to eat at the birdfeeder in the front yard, add to the color and moving life of the seemingly placid forest. Blue jays with their bold blue crests, fiery swooping red-heads and sprightly, cheerful yellow songbirds come to visit the strange people who live in their wild world. These feathered flyers epitomize the phrase “flying colors.” An auburn squirrel darts from tree to tree, as if being chased by some invisible monster. He pauses momentarily to listen for signs of an assailant, little chest pumping over his rapidly beating heart. He busily returns to collecting acorns and nuts, as he is on a mission using his keenly heightened senses. Lazy yellow jackets hover around the enticing pollen-filled flowers. This is a mysterious waltz that causes one to take a second glance and watch the trivial game.
In contrast to the various happenings going on at the forest floor, which is by far the busiest arena of teeming life, a more powerful majestic dance proceeds above the head. The lofty branches of the giant pines intertwine, dancing a waltz to the symphonic breeze. The breeze is the music that all the flora and fauna dance to. It empowers a sense of powerful rolling movement that contradicts the quick busy movement of the plants and animals below. The breeze carries all the sounds of the woods, mixing them into a soft murmur that fills the ears if one stands still. The hum of the hummingbirds’ wings, the tinkling of the wind chimes that hang on the front porch, the snorting of the horses that are corralled next door, and the leaves that talk to one another in the swaying wind float to the ear in a lovely song.

Rich smells enter the nostrils, riding on the wind. The sweet vanilla aroma of the pine trees is the most pungent of all the scents. If a small twig is used to scrape away the coffee-brown bark, the vanilla scent of the deep browns lurking behind the crackling bark bursts forth and fills the nostrils with a deep breath. The warm smell of the waving grass makes one think of summer. Amid the green and vanilla scents, a syrupy honey-like fragrance completes the flavor. That aroma is sent forth from the blossoms dotting the grass, almost causing one to fall into a lazy mid-day dream.

Light dances off of the sights of this serene land, arraying them into various moods of the day. In the morning, the light is joyful and vivacious with the smell of pinks and yellows, yet soft enough to welcome the newly awakened without eye-squinting harshness. The life outside begins to yawn and stretch, preparing itself for a new day. The sleepy flowers unfurl with the sunrise, and the trees glisten with the morning dew. As the day rolls on, the warm golden sun rises, laughing in pure felicity until it hangs directly above the world underneath its golden belly. It is at this time that the trees, flowers and wildlife are seen through a hazy golden filter. Everything falls into a drowsy dream, the bees humming a gentle lullaby. After the inevitable afternoon nap, nature awakens once to dance in the simple pleasures of the last hours of the evening. The golden rays shining outside begin to dim. The sky is ablaze with purples, burning pinks and oranges, the trees just deep green shadows against the hint of the dark that is to come. The animals settle down for the evening, and the flowers and trees stop swaying in the breeze, slowly disappearing with the glow. All of the sudden, night has fallen. The black silhouettes of the trees are all that can be seen now against the dark blues, purples and blacks of the night sky. The most spectacular and waited for of all the night sky is the stars; the stars with their soft illuminating light. Star dust streaks across the sky in spirals and wisps while bright bold stragglers are the ones youngsters wish on. With the magic of the heavenly bodies burning like a brilliant fire’s glow, the world slumbers under the hazy ivory moon.

The combination of the vivid colors, rich aromas, slight sounds, and illuminating lights, give this land a sense of tranquil peace on the outside. Under all the serenity, there is something hidden. The scurrying of the animals, the vibrancy and moods of the colors and the sweet melodies of the wind are all poetry in motion. One has only to sit still, listen, and watch for nature’s performance. Escape from the business of school, sports, and in general, life in the city can be easily found here. Here in this haven of peace and comfort, where one can appreciate God’s amazing creations.

The author's comments:
This is my account of what i see, feel, smell and hear when i visit my grandparents' house in the forest. <3 it is also my attempt at showing people what i feel when i see God's creations.

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This article has 7 comments.

wordworker said...
on Dec. 13 2010 at 9:50 am
Such lyrical descriptions.  A keen observer for sure! Keep writing!!

on Dec. 12 2010 at 2:29 pm
What a masterpiece!  I do not know the age of this young writer, but as an educator,  I recognize  that there is true talent here!  Some of it has to be genetic!  Her grandparents', whose place she describes are talented writers as well!  Definitely pursue this talent and best of luck and prayers for you!

Kittylady2 said...
on Dec. 12 2010 at 10:05 am
I have been at this place and the writer took me directly back to it.  What a wonderful writer!  Ihope her talent is encouraged.  She is very good.

Bettyboop said...
on Dec. 11 2010 at 6:26 pm
I see someone who loves the written word, family and the gift of Nature that was given to mankind and is well able to exspess themselves. A job well done.

katyoosha said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 4:00 pm
I felt like I was there, imagining the whole story.  You are truly a Monet of prose!  Kudos!

windsong said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 3:59 pm
Such imagery! Bathes the senses with bliss. Creative writer. Hard to believe this is a teen!  Kudos!

waltomeal said...
on Dec. 10 2010 at 12:30 pm

all I can say, WOW. this kid has talent needing nurturing. I am blessed to live in the very area of the essay.


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