Broken Hearts and Broken Promises

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

You promised you'd always be here. You promised you'd beat it this time. You promised you wouldn’t give up. You promised, you promised, you promised. What happens when a promise is broken? Do you know what this has done? The pain it's causing? The hearts that it has broken, into a million pieces that can't be glued back together, no matter how hard I try. They say it's better this way, but what do they know? I just want it back to the way it was. Before the pain and agony that now haunts me every day. Before the black abyss that threatens to swallow me every minute of every day came along. I'll never see your face again, or hear your laugh. I'll never hear your voice or tell you I love you ever again. That kill's me more than you will ever know. So now i sit drying my tears yet again, trying to be strong. I know its what you would want, but you cant always get what you want. The tears still fall, as i contemplate the rest of my days without you. No more embarrassing dancing in public, no more taking road trips just because we felt like it. No more Christmas music playing all year round. No more you. I pick up the phone, even though i can’t call. It's like a bad dream i can't wake up from. All i want is to hear your voice. All i want is to give you a hug. All that i have left is a broken heart, to go along nicely with your broken promise.

The author's comments:
In locing memory of Mom 1957-2010

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