Letter to the future

December 6, 2010
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Dear whoever may cross this path,

This is the place I come to clear my mind, where all my pains disappear. The slow trickle of water seems to dilute my confusion. These trees are my beloved friends, and I will be pleased to know that they are yours as well. Their leaves float delicately from them to rest upon this bridge. I take it as their gift to me, and I would be pleased to know that you do too. They wrap their branches around me, and I feel their love as if I were being hugged. They protect me from the sun’s harsh autumn glare and for this I am thankful because now I can truly appreciate the soothing light and its companion the cool shade. I begin to read aloud what I have written so far, and I notice a fox gracefully trot down the path on which I got here. It must have been cautiously watching me from a distance and I realize that is the way I had been living my life. Here in this moment there is no past, no future, and from this moment I am creating that this is the most serene place in the world and that you can feel it too. I catch the glint of the spiders’ webs connecting every tree around me like a maze. One which I will never truly know and for this I am thankful. The soft purr of the trees swaying in the breeze is comforting like a mother’s gentle whisper consoling a child awoken from a nightmare. A caterpillar fearlessly nudges my tennis shoe asking permission to explore the unknown, but I decline because I’m not too keen on creepy crawlies. I realize that I can relate to it though and it slinks off leaving me with a spark of inspiration. For a moment I get caught envying a bird’s beautiful song and wishing that I could obtain its weightless flight, but then I realize that we are no different. We can choose an inhibited life of fear or we can just be, in all of our whole, complete, and perfectness. I choose the latter, and for you I wish the same.

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