Rush of Feelings

December 4, 2010
By FromPenToPaper BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
FromPenToPaper BRONZE, Bellevue, Michigan
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The look on your face sends a jolt of pain to my heart.

As I stare into your eyes I instantly regret what I did to make you angry with me. A lump of sorrow forms in my throat and quickly becomes unbearable. The dam in my tearducts burst and my eyes quickly fill with tears. The lump impairs my breathing, forcing me to breath short, quick breaths through my mouth. I fight to keep the tears from pouring out, but a few still manage to spill over the edge.

The anger in your eyes turns to sorrow as you see the tears begin to spill, as if your soul is feeling the sorrow mine felt from seeing you angry with me. You squeeze me, holding me tight against you. The lump of sorrow in my throat screams at me to let it out and a few rebellious tears find their way to your t-shirt. You raise my face to yours and kiss me with a loving passion and I forcefully choke back a sob. I wish I could fill us both up with the happiness we deserve.

I bite my lip, chewing on the lump of scar tissue left behind from a cat scratch. I bite down hard as if I were trying to pierce a hole into it. The pain becomes the center of my attention and the tears begin to dry up.

I stare at you, looking deep into your sorrow-filled eyes, and you tell me you love me in a quiet, faint voice. I whisper it back, and theirs a break in my voice as I swallow the lump of sorrow. Those three words send a feeling of joy throughout my body.

I lay my head on your chest, wrap my hand around your thumb, and breathe in your scent. Ever-so-slowly I begin to calm down. The lump, the tears, and short, quick breaths all disappear. I look up to see you staring at me with a soft smile placed carefully upon your face, and smile the same soft smile back at you.

A jolt of love is sent to my heart as I see your face begin to light up with joy once more.

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