Dear Sweet Love

December 3, 2010
By dbpgoalie35 SILVER, Monroe, New York
dbpgoalie35 SILVER, Monroe, New York
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Dear Sweet Love,
My heart burns every time we kiss. It does back flips as our lips touch. My chest is pounding every time I even think about kissing you. I hope that you are the one; I pray that we can stay in it together for the long haul. With you I think I will discover the true definition of love. That ever elusive definition that has escaped my grasp for so long. No matter how far I extended my heart, body, and soul I could not even come close to defining love. But with you I see the word in a whole new light. Perhaps there was no light in the beginning and you saw me sitting in the dark, so flipped the switch and light flooded the definition I was hopelessly grabbing at.
We touch and my thoughts get jumbled, I get tongue tied. My skin meets yours and I fall for you all over again. I want to keep you in my life, and I am willing to do anything to keep you in this pathetic little world of mine. Without you this bubble that has formed around me will collapse and cause me to crumble along with it. You are the first person I have ever felt like this for. My heart literally beats so hard that I can hear it resonating in my ears. I do not truly know how to describe it but I know it is the feeling of love, and I never want it to leave. Life would seem somewhat incomplete without you in mine.
My eyes meet yours and I think of where I would take you in this world to escape all of the troubles that we face daily. I look at that beautiful face and think that I do not possibly deserve to be in your presence. I just want to take that face and capture all of that beauty on film but I know that the picture would do you no justice. That flowing dark hair and that stunning smile I always like to see. I write this for your eyes to peer into my delicate soul and see how I truly feel. My heart belongs to you and I wish for it to never be held by another.
My feelings belong on this page to convey my true feelings for you my Sweet Love. I feel like you need to read this and glimpse into my inner most workings and see yourself as I see you: beautiful, amazing, perfect in almost every way. In the past love has been a difficult concept. But now that you have so graciously entered my life love is no longer foreign, love is no longer just a word without meaning. Love resides inside my heart now, and it is all thanks to you. I used to think that every girl I met I loved to some extent. Now I realize that my heart belongs to you and you alone.
We kiss and I feel like no one else exists in the world, just us. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss that I hope will last for an eternity. Never do I wish you to part from my company, but eventually I know that you must. But still, I never want you to leave when we are together. There is always that one last kiss, or that one last time holding you in my arms before I have to let you go. You are gone now and I wish for you to be back here so that we can have some alone time, just so we don’t have to hear or worry about anybody else. No distractions, just you and me and the silence that lies between these four walls as we kiss and stare into each others eyes. Silence is nothing but beautiful music that only few can understand. I hope that we can come to love such sweet motionless sound.


Your First and Hopefully Only

The author's comments:
I was sure that I loved this girl. I wanted to express how I felt and I knew no better way than to write. This is the fruit of my labor.

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