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December 3, 2010
By teen_girl BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
teen_girl BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Have you ever been with someone who has said that they are fat? And they are really skinny as a twig. And then you say that they are not fat and than that goes on for a while. Well if you are one of those people then take a better look at yourself.

Have you ever looked at your self and thought 'I want to be skinner'?
Well you can you just have to watch want you do, and the things you eat.
Www.factmonster.com/ipka/a067499.html say's that garlic and onions kill flu and cold viruses (but do not eat too much).

Sure some diets will make you weak but you will have a better and healthier life. You don't have to go on one of thous diets that say 'lose 20 pounds in one week' if you can't handle that then try and eat the foods in the food group and get the exercise you need, and most important sleep.
You need at lest 8 hours of sleep, baby's need more sleep because that are growing, and naps don't make up for loss sleep. You need sleep because it will help your body grow.

If you smoke then that will be bad for you and your life. Try hard to stop drugs smoking and chewing and all that other bad stuff, that all will shorten your life (so I hear).

Sickness, if you are ill than it is important to get rest. Wikipedia.org/wiki/chicken_soup says that the broth from the soup is a folk medicine to treat symptoms of the common cold. If you are over weight then you will have a better chance of getting diabetes, hart decease, have breathing problems and other things like that and those are not easy to take care of.

Being over weight puts you in danger and you can't really do much because you will be out of breath faster, and it shortens your life. And that is what gym if for is to keep you in shape.
Watch yourself and see what you do you may have: bad eating habits, lack of exercise, lifestyle of choices, lack of rest.

Cha cha said: The average weight for 5'7” 19 year old female is 144 lbs. 4'11” 10 year old female is 65 lbs. And it will list many other weight with ages for male and female.

64% of the u.s. Are over weight, So If we all watch what we eat and what we do than most of us will be healthy and hopefully some will live the happy healthy life that they want.
So watch what you eat, and get the right amount of exercise and you will be the way you want to be, and you will live a long and happy healthy life.

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