Stop Bullying

December 3, 2010
By Silverrose BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
Silverrose BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Many Kids are bullied every day or once and a while. You may have been bullied at one time or another. If you have you know the pain of not belonging or being left out. A lot of times many kids feel as through they are right about the things they say about them. Once a bully starts at times they won’t stop. They just might end up deciding that it not worth living anymore. We have to put a stop to bully once and for all before the bullying gets out of control.

For one thing, a bullying can happen anywhere but sometimes when a bullying happens the victim is afraid to tell an adult. This is because they feel that the adults will not help them at all. According to KidsHealth and KidsPoll Only 23% of kids that are bullied tell someone who they think can help them. There might have been a time when they might have seen an adult watching a bullying happening but doesn’t do anything about it. Some parents or guardians just tell them that its just a “phase, it will pass and everything will be alright.” Well it’s not a phase. Kids are getting hurt because their parents and guardians aren’t taking bullying seriously. Even when a child tells a teacher, the teacher do try to do their best to stop it but sometimes they Make the mistake of letting the bully know who told them. This can led to big trouble for the kid.

There are also different types of bullying. Usually a Bully that means it usually does it because they love to make others miserable and having some power over other people. The other type is emotionally insecure. This might do because they might have been bullied at one time and think that if they start to bully others no one will want to bully them. Then there’s the verbal abuse usually this is more common with girl than with boy. It usually when they exclude someone or spread rumors and such. Other eventually do it because they are often pressured into doing it or they see others doing it and they think it’s all right. But ask yourself is it really all right to bully others just because you see others doing it?

Now, there’s even cyber bullying were they can bully others over the Internet. Even adults can even be a bully. It happened to a 13-year-old girl in Missouri who talked with someone named Josh on Myspace. But, in reality it was a former friend of her mothers. One day her mom’s former friend told her that the world would be better without her around. In the end she killed herself. A Study done by Ms. Aftab, who works for the Internet Privacy and Security Lawyer, “out of 45,000 students between the ages 10 to 14 years old only 85% report being bullied on the Internet.”

If bullying continues, eventually it’s just going to ruin the child’s future if nothing is done. According to Stop Bully and Lend a Hand says that the victims will start skipping school. They will try to fake illnesses, or anything that can get them to stay home. About 160,000 students stay home because they’re afraid. Others might even drop out of school all together. The victims are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, getting into fights and vandalizing.

No one wants to feel that they are unimportant. That they don’t belong. That it’s their fault. There are ways that parents, teachers and other students can help a person being bullied. A parent can talk to their child about their day talk with teachers. Parents and teachers can start a campaign to stop bullying. But nothing can happen if the student doesn’t say anything to an adult.

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