The Place of Sarah's Life

April 14, 2008
Everyone has a place of their life. Either their room or where they have lived that longest, but for Sarah it's were she was born. Sarah was born into a middle class family with five kids in Charlotte, North Carolina. She loved there for the first seven years of her life. There are many reasons for Sarah to love Charlotte the most. But one of the top reasons is the church that her family has been going to since 1990. So the Allen's are pretty well known. The people at the church are so very caring. They are caring because no matter how much they know you, they will have your back. The church, East Baptist, makes you feel safe. Unlike any other church Sarah has ever been apart of. The people at East are so close to each other that everyone knows basically everyone's business. After Sarah moved to Laurel, Maryland she thought that no one would remember who that crazy little girl is, who always seems to make friends with everyone there. But when she came back a year later looking totally different they came up to her and gave her a hug like she had never left.

Another reason Sarah is so in love with Charlotte is mostly because of her friens Ashley. Who in which Sarah goes to see the minute that she gets back in toen. Ashley is like no other friend Sarah has ever had. Her and Ashley met back int he 7th grade while attending a Youth Group meeting at church. Since Sarah was new to the school Ashley helped her find out who the bad people were and who the people that were cool. Over the six months Sarah lived in Charlotte her and Ashley were always together, wither at church or school, even at each other houses. But soon all the fun would have to end. Sarah was moving again. The last night Sarah was at the church Ashley gave Sarah's brother a note to give to her. The note read:

"Dear Sarah,

You left your flute at my house so I gave it to Patrick. Don't some to my house or call me becuase I know I'm gonna to cry and I don't want that to happen. I LOVE YOU!!

Your friend 4ever,


As Sarah read the letter she started to cry. But she didn't let that stop her. Sarah called Ashley the second she got outside. She told asley that "I don't care if you don't want to see me before I leave but I want to see you. SO I'm coing over anyway." Ashley came out of her house ans crossed the street were Sarah stood. They hugged each toher and cried for about 30 minutes before Sarah had to go.

This one person made Charlotte so much better than Sarah could have ever imaged because Sarah has yet to find someone like Ashley. No matter were Sarah ends up she can't find someone liek Ashley and she loves it. Now they are always talking on the phone and on myspace. They have never been as close. Sarah goes back every summer for about two months and they always hang out.

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