April 2, 2008
By Nathan Hardy, Upton, KY

I am agnostic. On Sunday’s I stay home and sleep and work and type papers and text message and eat greasy food. I am Jewish by birth, Catholic by force, Baptist by association and none of the above by choice. When I am asked if I believe in God I say yes. When people hand me pamphlets about Christ I read them while they are looking, then toss them in the garbage or a nearby mailbox on my walks. I just don’t think I need an almighty power to tell me if I’m a good or bad person.

First, let me tell you about my bad qualities. I litter, my car is dirty enough and that McDonald’s bag was just more garbage. I smoke. I’m not trying to kill my lungs; I’m trying to get a nicotine fix before dealing with eight hours of being treated like a two year old. I swear like a sailor. I have no excuse for that.

Now that you’ve predetermined me as a delinquent adolescence I will tell you some of my better attributes. I cry whenever I see the “save a child” foundation. Seeing children scurrying towards falling packages of rice makes me sad. I try my hardest to forget others misfortunes or mishaps because I know that in everyone’s life there are bumps in the road. I scrape the ice off of my aunt’s car so her prosthetic won’t slip as she walks down her porch. I pick up sticks so my Dad won’t run over anything that would tear the lawn-mower up. I take strays home and let balloons free in the park when people die. When funeral processions pass I pull over to the side to show respect.

You tell me, should I be shunned as a fallen Jew or Catholic or Baptist or any other religion that enforces praising a mysterious lord that demands his servants to not partake in drinking or smoking or anti-depressants or fowl language or birth control or homosexuality or anything remotely normal of our society? Tell me, is my life so tragic that I need to sing and praise and jump and cry and love someone that I cannot see nor feel nor touch?

I believer this; there is a God. I believe that when someone is hurting you help them. I believe that if you try to do the best you can for someone, that someday that someone will do the best for you. So until I can feel a presence of sanctuary I will smoke and swear and live life to the fullest and hope that I haven’t been wrong all along.

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Good, article, I'm christian, but I don't see some things i.e. homosexuality as bad some people do and I looked up agnostic and i could see being agnostic


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