Strawberry Ice Cream

March 14, 2008
When I see or hear ice cream I think of the summer. Ice cream is the best thing for in the summer. It reminds me of ice cream because my poppop use to take me out for ice cream every day. It was only a ice cream truck but that was when I was like 7 so I did not care.
Strawberry ice cream is the best ice cream you can get. If you have not had strawberry ice cream then you do not no what you are missing. It is the best ice cream in the world. In the summer when you are hot you go in side and get some ice cream and you are cooled down right away.
I remember the first time i had strawberry ice cream i hated it because of how cold it was. But now it is one of the best things ever i say. If you like strawberry which i think it is impossible not to like strawberries. If you like them you will love strawberry ice cream.
Ice cream was made for a few reasons. One when it is hot out side it will cool you down. Two lots of people it so people buy it a lot and they make money.

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