Strict Parents

My mom is very strict and my friend’s parents aren’t. So when it comes to me doing something with them, my mom says no. They always say, “Your mom needs to let you get out.” Or “Why doesn’t your mom want you to have a good time.” Its not that she doesn’t want me to go have fun with my friends, she just doesn’t want me to be one of those girls who is always uptown at midnight. It hard when your mom, or parent, doesn’t let you do stuff with your friends when she doesn’t have every detail. Like the where, how long, and who will be there.

She also gives me a curfew. Which I thought was bad at the beginning but now I can go home and rest. I’m told to be home at 8 not a minute late. When I’m doing something and I tell everyone goodbye, they always say, “Does she think you are a baby?” Its not that she thinks I’m a baby she just wants me to be home where I’m safe and she wont have to worry.

I’m really tired of everyone who thinks that there is something wrong with being home on a Friday night. Big deal! You can have fun at home with friends. You don’t have to go out.

Im very thankful that my mom is very strick. I hate it once in a while, but then I think. I’m a virgin and if I was at someone’s house and my mom didn’t know. I could get ramped and not get help. My mom doesn’t want me at places where there is drugs or alcohol. I’m healthy and clean. I don’t need someone to try to get me drunk because it would be fun.

So next time you meet a girl/boy who has a strict parent/parents like mine, think of the fact that she/ he doesn’t want you to rub it in her/his face that you can go out on Friday nights past 11 or can go where ever you want. I don’t care I’m clean and I’m healthy for life and it’s all because my mom wanted me to be home on time every night.

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