Everyone Loves Audrey

December 26, 2007
By Sandi Moynihan, Sugar Land, TX

My grandma loves her, my mother loves her, and I’ll admit that I’m hopelessly obsessed. If there’s one face that everyone recognizes, its Audrey Hepburn’s. Over fifty years after her first performance, Audrey Hepburn is still remembered as an elegant starlet who exemplifies the “glory days” of twentieth century Hollywood.
Since her debut in the Broadway musical Gigi in 1951, Audrey Hepburn’s warm face has captured generations of movie-watchers around the world. Her elegant appearance and simple beauty have earned her an Academy Award, as well as a place in the heart of fans across the globe. Even today, Hepburn’s outstanding performances in American classics like My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday continue to captivate the hearts of young Americans. “I love her! Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie,” said junior Clare Glynn.
But there’s something about Audrey Hepburn, besides her acting abilities that makes her stand out among other great actors. Some people speculate Hepburn’s unique style and beauty is what sets her above the rest. “Audrey Hepburn’s beauty is flawless and her performances are always so memorable,” said junior Hannah Elsaadi.
Others credit her background for her inspired performances. “Audrey had a hard childhood. She barely survived (off of hardly any food) during the Nazi occupation in Holland during WWII,” explained senior Christina Mims. “She wanted to be a ballerina, but she was so behind, malnourished, and too tall (5'7" and 107 lbs.) that she never was able to fulfill her dream. She danced, modeled, and made her first break in the Broadway form of Gigi. And from there on, it's history.”
I, on the other hand, think that Audrey Hepburn encompasses all the elegance, class and natural beauty that each of us sees in ourselves. When Audrey Hepburn laughs or cries on screen I believe that we each see a little piece of ourselves in her characters. Hepburn makes her character’s become so real, that we can sympathize with them like we do our dearest friends. This talent, an innate ability to make us believe, is what truly makes her a star.

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